View your member, staff and student engagement and data.

The administration dashboard allows you to view the list of accounts that you have and explore engagement of your community with the Physioplus platform.

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Getting your administration dashboard set up

  • Login to Physioplus – each administrator who will access the administration dashboard will need to set up their own Physioplus account by the method that has been set up or you (either via the integration with your electronic platform or by the individual login that has been set up for you).
  • Tell us who your administrators are – let us know who you would like to have access to the administration dashboard, we will need names and the email address that their Physioplus account is associated with.
  • Login to the dashboard –  we will let you know when you are all set up and then you can simply login to your personal dashboard and follow the link to the administration dashboard (which is located at the top of your personal dashboard).

What Next?

View your account summary

At the top of the dashboard you will be able to see your user limit, the number users that have an account, the number of logins, plus the overall number of activities and courses completed by your users.

View individual user engagement

The searchable list of users displays every user account and their individual engagement with Physioplus. You can search this table for a specific person by using the search field above the table.

View individual user engagement

Clicking on an individual user listing in the searchable table will reveal a window displaying more specific details of how that person is engaging with Physioplus including courses completed and about progress for that user.

Manage users

You can add, edit and remove user accounts linked to your partnership. Click the Add new user button to register a new user. Click the Edit and Remove links in an individual user listing to either update their details (e.g. reset their account password) or remove their account from your partnership. Please note:

  • If you are using the autologin integration to provide access to Physioplus then you will only be able to remove users from your dashboard.
  • If you remove a user from your adminstration dashboard you will also need to prevent their access to Physioplus via your website (e.g. by cancelling their member account on your website).
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