Atara Taragin

Atara Taragin

Atara Taragin


Senior Paediatric PT

Stern College / Columbia College / Meshi Children’s Rehabilitation Center

About Atara Taragin

Atara is a gifted Paediatric PT who enjoys enhancing a child's quality of life and being a Mentor to fellow PTs.

Atara Taragin is a highly skilled Paediatric Physiotherapist from Israel, with training from Stern College and Columbia University in the U.S.A. She is presently a Senior PT at the Meshi Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Israel, where she helps children of all ages with neuromuscular impairments; including but not limited to, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, arthrogryposis, down syndrome, clubfoot and spinal cord injuries. The best part of her day is being creative with play and rehabilitation.

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Paediatric Assessment Using the Peabody Developmental Motor Scale-2

The Peabody Developmental Motor Scales- 2 (PDMS-2) is recognised as the first nationally standardised assessment tool to provide separate gross and fine motor scores for children between the ages of birth to 71 months old. The application of the PDMS-2 helps to estimate a child’s motor competence relative to his or her peers. It can identify delays or disorders in the child’s development and it also makes use of specific skill deficits to develop individualised goals in the treatment of children with developmental delays. In this course, Atara Taragin discusses the administration and scoring of the gross motor function section of the PDMS-2.
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