Chris Bramah

PhysioPlus course tutor - Chris Bramah
Consultant Physiotherapist : Manchester Institute of Health and Performance

With extensive experience working as a Physiotherapist with runners at all levels, Chris has worked with Team GB athletes at high profile events such as the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2017 London World Championships. Chris is also an active researcher at the University of Salford, investigating the biomechanics of running-related injuries and biomechanical differences between elite and recreational runners and he has published a number of related journal articles.

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Running Gait Retraining

Abnormal running mechanics have been linked to many types of injury. Running gait retraining is an approach to adapt an individual's running form and has been proven to have significant positive impact on pain and function in a variety of different conditions. This course discusses three different techniques for running rehabilitation and highlights what to consider when addressing running mechanics.
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Running Mechanics for Clinicians

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world due to its low cost and low barriers to participation. It is an exercise that is also linked to weight management and improving cardiovascular capacity. However, about 93% of runners will experience MSK injuries associated with their participation in the activity. As physiotherapists, we can help our clients to identify the mechanical causes of injuries, guide them through the management process and hopefully help them to optimize their athletic potential while avoiding injury.
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