Gavin Williams

PhysioPlus course tutor - Gavin Williams

University of Melbourne

Gavin has worked in neurological rehabilitation for 25 years and currently combines clinical work with research at the University of Melbourne. He developed a program to teach advanced gait and running skills to people with neurological injuries. This led to his doctoral studies on ‘The development of a high-level mobility assessment tool (HiMAT) for people with traumatic brain injury’. Since then he has pursued his research interests focusing on the assessment, classification and treatment of mobility limitations following traumatic brain injury and neurological conditions.

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Strength Training for Walking in Neurological Conditions

Muscle weakness is a key physical impairment in neurological conditions that limits mobility. Progressive resistance training is recommended to address strength deficits in stroke and other neurological conditions however, the selection of proper exercise techniques requires an understanding of walking biomechanics and muscle function during gait. This course discusses the implementation of a specific approach to strength training to improve walking in individuals with neurological conditions.
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