Patrick Berner

Patrick Berner

Patrick Berner


Physiotherapist / Dietitian / Nutritionist

Anderson University, Baylor University, South College and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

About Patrick Berner

Dr. Patrick Berner is a physiotherapist, registered dietitian and nutritionist with a passion for health promotion and wellness.

Dr. Patrick Berner is a physiotherapist and registered dietitian and nutritionist practicing in the United States. Dr. Berner is unique in his credentials and has a passion for education, consulting and coaching with an emphasis on human movement and nutrition. Dr. Berner is an Adjunct Professor for the Faculty for Doctor of Physical Therapy at Anderson University, Baylor University and South College.  He also serves as Chair of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Council on Health Promotion and Wellness in Physical Therapy. Dr. Berner is a known specialist on health promotion and wellness, with a passion for integrating nutrition into physiotherapy practice.

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Nutrition Relevancy in Physiotherapy

Consuming a suboptimal diet is an important, preventable risk factor for various non-communicable diseases that are commonly encountered by physiotherapists in clinical practice. Because diet can have such a significant impact on patients’ ability to engage in rehabilitation and their overall outcomes, it is beneficial for rehabilitation practitioners to understand the relationship between nutrition and disease processes and when to refer to other practitioners when needed.
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