Roger Kerry

PhysioPlus course tutor - Roger Kerry
Associate Professor : University of Nottingham

Associate Professor at The University of Nottingham; Physiotherapist; Philosopher of Science-in-training. Interested in the way science behaves, and how evidence-based medicine works. Or doesn’t.

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Cervical Arterial Dysfunction

Cervical arterial dysfunction (CAD) is term a used in physiotherapy to cover a variety of vascular pathologies which can cause restrictions in blood flow to the brain. When assessing and treating the cervical spine, it is vital to understand diseases of the blood vessels that can present with pain and also to be able to assess the level of risk of a patient experiencing an arterial flow restriction during a physiotherapy assessment or treatment. In this course you will learn from a topic specialists how to make safe clinical decisions that take into account these very serious issues and how the related framework for clinical practice is being updated in 2018.
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Informed Consent

Being physical therapists / physiotherapists or healthcare professionals, we are fortunate for the care and support we provide and the roles we play in helping others. But did you ever consider that your role as a physiotherapist may leave the patient with an unpleasant experience? Do you always put yourself in your patient’s shoes? Do you think you always know what's best for your patients? In this course you will learn about informed consent in light of ethical and moral practice. It will leave you reflecting on your clinical practice, how to include your patients in the decision-making process and how to respect their autonomy and dignity.
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