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I have a Plus Pro membership, but I cannot access the Plus Exercise and Telerehab platform. When I try to access this service an error message is displayed. Why did this happen?

The Plus Exercise and Telerehab platform is provided by our partner, Rehab My Patient (RMP). If you experience an access problem, your account on the RMP system may have been temporarily suspended. At least once per week,  the RMP system will detect a user trying to make a copy of all or a significant proportion of the exercise database. In order to prevent this the RMP system attempts to detect inappropriate user activity (e.g. exercise programmes containing a large number of exercises, patients that do not appear to be genuine) and will automatically suspend access for that user.

Please limit the number of exercises to less than 20 a day per program, otherwise you will trigger the algorithm that will block your account.


Why has this happened?

1. You probably have sent a large number of exercises, or many exercises from one category to a patient.

2. You have sent a large number of exercises, but not uploaded any contact information (e.g. clinic details, website, contact number, logo, etc.) so we don’t know who you are.

If we know who you are, where your clinic is located, and your contact number, then we feel much more confident that you are using RMP for the correct reasons: to send exercise plans to your patients.


I’m a paid member but I was still suspended…

The threshold for paid members is higher than for trial members. But there is still a threshold. Why? Because some people have the intention to register for one month, try to copy all the exercises and then cancel their subscription.

This process is hard coded in the RMP system, it’s not personal against you. It’s the same for every subscriber. We are simply asking you to send smaller exercise plans.


Why should I send smaller exercise plans, I want to send massive ones…

Ask yourself, would you do every exercise on this plan? If you wouldn’t, you can be quite sure your patient wouldn’t.

  • Sending smaller plans, but more frequently is much better for patient retention.
  • The highest compliance is when the fewest exercises are sent. Most research suggests under 4 exercises, but actually 2 exercises per plan shows the highest level of adherence.


The License Agreement

All users have agreed to the RMP Licence Agreement when using the software…

1.5 Subscribers are NOT permitted to create exercise programs with long lists of exercises with the intention to copy exercises, descriptions, line-art drawings or photos for the subscribers own personal use outside of the website.


What does research say?

Did you know that research supports sending smaller exercise plans?  Of those participants prescribed 2 of fewer exercises, 86% were found to be compliant. In contrast, only  54% of those prescribed 4 or more exercises were found to be compliant.  

Here are some great resources for you on exercise prescription.

Thank you for understanding and for using the Plus Exercise and Telerehab platform responsibly. 

Please contact us to let us know your account has been suspended, and we will look into this for you. 

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