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Physioplus Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions and issues encountered using the Physioplus site. If your issue is not addressed by these FAQs please leave a message in the technical help forum channel or contact us.

1. I’ve forgotten my password, how do I login?

If you have forgotten your password to login to Physioplus you can easily retrieve it by clicking on the “lost your password” link on the login page.

Please note that you need a separate login for Physiopedia and Physioplus, they are not the same!

2. How do I log an activity as completed?

Each time you click on the link to view a resource on the Physioplus site, an entry will be made in your Physioplus activity log. In order to be awarded Physioplus points for this activity and to make progress in any related course you will need to update the related activity log entry to record your level of engagement and any reflections you may have on the activity. You can do this in two different places:

  • Your Physioplus dashboard in the My activity log block. Click on the log entry, then complete and save the engagement settings in the popup. Note – the dashboard only displays your last 20 activity log entries. See the second option to update engagement for earlier activities.
  • Your My activity log page displays your entire Physioplus activity log in a dynamic table that can be searched, reordered and filtered. Use the table search facilities to find activity you wish to update. Click the Edit button for that activity, then update and save the details in the popup.

3. The course progress is not 100% and I don’t know why

Usually this is because one or more required activities for the course has not been logged as completed in your Physioplus activity log. The best way to identify which activities are incomplete is to click the My progress bar at the top of the related course page. This displays a list of the course required activities and details the completion status of each. Click on any item in this list to scroll to it in the course page. Where a progress icon is displayed by this item, clicking on the icon will take you to your My activity log page and show the related entry so you can easily update the related engagement by clicking on the activity update button.

Sometimes the missing required activities are forum topic entries. In this case you need to make sure you have completed all the required forum topic entry tasks in the course and followed the links from the course to ensure your entries are made in the relevant forum topic.

4. I cannot access a certificate for a course

Course completion certificates can be downloaded via a button that appears at the top of the related course page and in the dynamic table displayed on My certificates page.

Usually any issue with access to a course certificate is because the related course progress is less than 100% which means that not all required course activities have been completed. This means that some required course activities are missing from your activity log and the related activity engagement is not yet set as fully completed. Click the My progress bar at the top of the course page to find out which required activities have yet to be completed. Click on the activities in the drop down progress list to scroll to the related place in the course.

Occasionally the certificate download button is displayed, however on clicking this button there is a problem accessing the certificate. This is usually a browser / device incompatibility and the best solution is to try a different device and / or browser. We recommend a laptop and Google Chrome to avoid compatibility issues.

5. The forum will not display

If the Physioplus discussion forum displays an error message or fails to load, this issue is likely to be due to one of these causes:

  • A timestamp error indicates that the forum page has expired. You should update your access to the forum by refreshing the forum page in your browser (Tip – Shift + Refresh forces a browser “hard refresh” which should fix this issue).
  • Device / browser incompatibility – to check for this issue try a laptop and Google Chrome
  • Forum access is blocked by a workplace firewall. In this case try connecting to the Internet via a mobile network or using a home WiFi network where this firewall won’t be applied.

For other assistance and tips for using the forum see the Forum help page.

6. How do I contribute to the forum?

In most cases you will be wanting to contribute to the Physioplus discussion forum as part of a course. In this case follow the related link in the course to be taken directly to the relevant forum topic where there will be a Reply text entry field displayed at the bottom where you can write and submit your contribution. With some older some devices and browsers this Reply field will not appear. In this case we recommend using a laptop and Google Chrome to avoid these compatibility issues.

For other assistance and tips for using the forum see the Forum help page.

7. I don’t want to receive forum notification emails

If you participate in a forum topic you will be automatically set to watch that topic for new replies. This means you will be sent an email each time a reply is added to that topic. To stop receiving these emails you need to unwatch the topic by clicking the Eye icon just above the topic title ensuring this icon is grey (not pink). You can opt out of all the forum topics you are watching quickly and simply by clicking your name on the right in the forum header to reveal your forum profile details and clicking unwatch all or check the Disable all email notifications option.

For other assistance and tips for using the forum see the Forum help page.

8. How do I change the name displayed on my course certificate?

See the related Certificate help page for issues related to course certificates.