Clinical reflective frameworks

Clinical Reflective Frameworks

Review the frameworks used to support clinical reflection


Different Reflective Frameworks will be discussed with information on how and when to apply them for Clinical Reflection. Reflective writing and thinking will be explored for both the student and the practising Physical Therapist / Physiotherapist. Practical advice will be shared on how to undertake Critical Reflection in different situations.


Many different Reflective Frameworks have been developed to support the important activity of Clinical Reflection. These Frameworks while different have many similarities and can be used in Clinical Reflection while treating a patient, thinking back on a specific patient scenario, as part of training and educational goal development, and in portfolio writing. It is important to be aware of and practice using different frameworks in order to determine the right framework for any particular circumstance.


This short course consists of three main elements:

  1. Video interview with a topic specialist
  2. Related reading
  3. Quiz