COVID-19 Rehabilitation in Vulnerable Populations

COVID-19 Rehabilitation in Vulnerable Populations

Exploring and addressing the impact of the global pandemic on socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals
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COVID-19 poses a severe threat to all communities, but refugees, people who are displaced and those living in low-income areas will face even greater challenges. This course will introduce the issues faced by refugees/displaced people in camps and camp-like settings as well as explore various options that may help to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in high-risk individuals in these settings.


This course aims to introduce the challenges COVID-19 causes for refugees and displaced people living in challenging circumstances.


This course is made up of videos, reading, forum posts and a final quiz. The course content is split into the following sections:

  1. Videos
  2. Reading Activities
  3. Quiz

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy clinicians, students and assistants. Other interested professionals such as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, nurses or medical doctors interested in this subject are also invited to participate.

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