Ethical Principles and Values

Ethical Principles and Values

An online course with Andrea Sturm

3 hours

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Ethical dilemmas arise in our everyday practice. They can show up in many areas, such as between the patient and therapist on an interpersonal level, within ourselves in struggling intra-personally. Within our interdisciplinary team or the institution we are working in, on an inter-professional or intra-organisational realm. Or even as 'hot topics' in conversation on health or socio-political fields. For some of these ethical dilemmas it is challenging to find a solution that respects all viewpoints, values and duties of the people and institutions involved. For good ethical clinical decision making healthcare practitioners should utilise a knowledge of ethics that includes an understanding of the underlying basis for ethical principles such as respect for autonomy and justice, and an awareness of the influence one's personal beliefs and values might exert in the decision-making process.


This course explores ethical principles and values as a starting point to help you to identify and reflect on ethical issues in your everyday professional life.


This course is made up of videos, reading, discussions and a final quiz. The course content is split into the following sections:

  1. Personal Moral Viewpoint
  2. Ethical Principles
  3. Humans Rights

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy clinicians, students and assistants. Other interested professionals such as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, nurses or medical doctors interested in this subject are also invited to participate.

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