Introduction To Neurology

Introduction to Neurology

An online course for physical therapists / physiotherapists
This course is highly recommended for all health care professionals as it helps to revise the basics we have studied but forget to implement in day-to-day practice. It also helps to learn and think about different aspects related to a particular condition, which will definitely change the outcome of your treatment.
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Neurology is an extensive topic with many different areas of specialism. This course will provide an overview of physical therapy / physiotherapy practice relating to neurology with many of the different areas touched upon. This topic aims to give you a deeper understanding of the anatomy, function, pathologies, assessment and treatment relating to the broad spectrum of neurology practice based on the latest evidence available.


  • Section one: Review general neuroanatomy & related physiology.
  • Section two: Explore a broad range of neurological & neuromuscular conditions.
  • Section three: Examine current approaches to neurological assessment.
  • Section four: Investigate the latest treatment approaches in neurological rehabilitation.

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy professionals, clinicians and students.


Thank you for an engaging and insightful course. Great resources and a breadth of highly relevant topics have allowed me to consolidate my theoretical foundations in neurological rehab.
This was a very good broad course that I would recommend to either experienced or newer therapists. The readings and interviews were very good and thorough enough to give depth.
PP+ is really the best way to enlarge your knowledge and be connected with other physiotherapists from different areas.