Introduction To The Knee

Introduction To The Knee

An online course for physical therapists / physiotherapists


The knee is an enormous topic that we are unable to cover comprehensively in one course. This course will be a general introduction to develop an initial knowledge base that provides a good grounding to enable you to understand any knee condition that presents. We will be revising knee structure and function, exploring common conditions including paediatric conditions, consolidating assessment skills and also exploring current trends in prevention, management and rehabilitation of knee complaints. It is by no means an exhaustive exploration of the knee and we advise you to use it as a starting point for your understanding of treating knees.


The knee is one of the most commonly injured joints that presents in all aspects of clinical practice. Not just a complaint common to sporting situations, also often presenting in young people as we grow and older people as we age. Best practice requires skills in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation when working with individuals with acute, chronic and complex knee conditions.


  1. Section one: Knee structure, function and conditions.
  2. Section two: Assessment and differential diagnosis of the knee
  3. Section three: The paediatric knee
  4. Section four: Knee treatment and rehabilitation
  5. [Optional] Assignment