Lower Limb Amputee Prosthetic Assessment and Rehabilitation

Lower Limb Amputee Prosthetic Assessment and Rehabilitation

The final phases of rehabilitation following the fitting of a prosthesis
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The goal of prosthetic rehabilitation should be to establish an energy efficient gait, preserve the sound limb and prevent secondary complications. This is the fourth course in a series on lower limb amputee rehabilitation. This course will teach you how to approach prosthetic rehabilitation and will include gait assessment, exercise programmes/ideas, gait and balance training, functional activities, advanced gait training skills and high level rehabilitation. The course will also cover related evidence based practice guidelines and patient education.


The aim of this course is to enable you to have a good knowledge of prosthetic rehabilitation including assessment, exercises, evidence based practice and education to enable your patient to walk in the most efficient manner possible and avoid further complications.


This course is made up of videos, reading, forum posts and a final quiz. The course content is split into the following sections:

  1. Prosthetic Post-Fitting Assessment
  2. Prosthetic Post-Fitting Education
  3. Prosthetic Post-Fitting Rehabilitation
  4. Prosthetic Post-Fitting Evidence Based Practice

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy clinicians, students and assistants. Other interested professionals such as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, nurses or medical doctors interested in this subject are also invited to participate.

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