Principles of Exercise Rehabilitation

Principles of Exercise Rehabilitation

Learn about loading, mobility and the influence of pain to improve your treatment approaches


This course initially explores the key principles of exercise rehabilitation in relation to the physical stress theory,  effects of loading, mobility and rigidity and the influence of pain.  These are then discussed in relation to rehabilitation considerations which will ultimately enable us to understand loading in relation to the tissue and the individuals needs, and apply a series of loading experiences to an individual to achieve intended outcomes.


Exercise rehabilitation is at the core of any physiotherapy practice. The goal of any rehabilitation is to restore function to the greatest degree in the shortest time, helping people return to their function with minimal risk of re-injury. In this course Lee Herrington provides a deep understanding of the principles of exercise rehabilitation and how to incorporate these principles into developing rehabilitation programmes appropriate for the individual.


  1. Video presentation by Lee Herrington
  2. Reading a related Physiopedia article
  3. Quiz