Rethinking Pain Education

Rethinking Pain Education

Learn how to teach your patient about their pain
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Chronic pain is increasing globally with 10-20% of the population reporting chronic or recurrent pain. However, chronic pain is often very difficult to treat. Given the rise in diagnostic imaging and rapidly evolving treatment options, it is worth considering why the number of individuals reporting chronic pain is increasing. In this course, we discuss pain science and offer practical strategies to use when teaching patients about pain, as well as advice to help them devise effective exercise programmes. With chronic pain on the increase, it is time to re-think pain education.


This course aims to provide you with an understanding of pain science and to offer strategies to enhance your management of patients who have chronic or recurrent pain.


This course is made up of videos, reading, forum posts and a final quiz. The course content is split into the following sections:

  1. Applied Pain Science and Challenging Biomedical Thinking
  2. Teaching Postural Efficiency and Stabilisation
  3. Tissue Healing and Remodelling
  4. Understanding the Relationship between Pain and Injury
  5. Sensitisation of the Nervous System and Graded Exposure

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy clinicians, students and assistants. Other interested professionals such as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, nurses or medical doctors interested in this subject are also invited to participate.

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