Targeted hip and knee strengthening

Targeted hip and knee strengthening

Devise exercise programmes that address the whole lower limb kinetic chain


This course will cover information on muscle reloading and strengthening for lower limb conditions, and provide an evidence based review on gluteus medius strengthening. It will not teach practical skills or lead to any clinical qualification.


The gluteus medius plays an important role in lower limb and pelvis stability and it has been linked to many lower limb conditions. When treating a patient with knee or hip problems it is important to progress the strengthening exercises according to the patient’s ability and the amount of load it places on the muscle. The therapist should consider the patient’s history, pain, current functional ability, the purpose for the exercise, the load of the exercise, the load the patient can handle, and the functional ability the patient needs to return to, before prescribing exercises.


  1. Video of conversation with Lee Herrington
  2. Reading a related journal article
  3. Quiz