Introduction to Wheelchair Service Provision

Introduction to Wheelchair Service Provision

Developing knowledge and effectiveness in wheelchair service provision.


The course will provide a framework to develop theoretical principles for the management of wheelchair service delivery in all contexts. It will introduce the role of the wheelchair in mobility, explore assessment and the roles of the multidisciplinary team in wheelchair service delivery, as well as provide a theoretical understanding of management techniques and related clinical considerations. It will not teach practical skills or lead to any clinical qualification. The global network formed through this course will allow for shared knowledge and experiences to support good health care and a better quality of life for individuals who require the use of a wheelchair for mobility around the world.


The wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices for enhancing personal mobility, which is a precondition for enjoying human rights and living in dignity. For many people, an appropriate, well-designed and well-fitted wheelchair can be the first step towards integration, participation and inclusion in society.

A wheelchair must meet the user’s individual needs and environmental conditions, provide postural support, and be safe and durable. The wheelchair must be available and affordable and be maintainable and sustainable in the country of use. This is not always easy, because wheelchair users are a diverse group with different requirements and environmental and socioeconomic conditions.

A wheelchair is much more than just an assistive device for many people with impairments; it is the means by which they can exercise their human rights and achieve inclusion and equal participation. A wheelchair provides mobility, ensures better health and quality of life, and assists people with an impairment to live full and active lives in their communities.


  • Global Disability Context and Wheelchair Mobility
  • Aetiology and Epidemiology
  • Appropriate Wheelchair
  • Introduction to Wheelchair Design
  • Case Study
  • Quiz