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Long COVID course

25 Mar 2021

As we all know, we are living through a very difficult time. Unfortunately we as rehabilitation professionals will be helping our clients deal with the impacts of the COVID pandemic for a long period to come. To help our community of clinicians come to terms with this new emerging role we reached out to Darren Brown who despite living with Long COVID himself, has helped us to develop an amazing introductory course on this important and developing topic. We hope that you find this course helpful for your practice and your clients.
pelvis anatomy image

New courses!

12 Mar 2021

We have published a selection of new courses published in the last few days on a variety of topics. Highlights among these are the first 5 of a 12 course programme on Sacroiliac and Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction by Deborah Riczo and a 5 course programme on Cervicogenic Headaches by Ari Kaplan. We hope you enjoy all these new courses! The Physioplus Team.
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Access to full books and journal articles

16 Feb 2021

We are very excited to announce that we are now providing Full and Pro subscribers on Physioplus with full text access to 130 rehabilitation-specific books (e.g. The Exercising Female: Science and Its Application) and over 190 peer reviewed sports and rehabilitation journals (e.g. the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation). To utilise this amazing library of resources, use the Physioplus navigation to select Resources > Books & Journals. Then select either the Journals database or the eBooks database. Make sure you record any insights developed from these resources in your activity log using the "Add an activity to my log" button so you can refer back to your learning activities at a later date. All the best from the Physioplus team!
Deep gluteal pain

Lots of new courses for 2021

20 Jan 2021

We have been very busy developing and publishing new courses on a wide variety of topics to develop the clinical skills and knowledge of the Physioplus community for 2021. Here are some examples you should be sure to checkout: Introduction to Qualitative Research, Trigger Finger, How We Breathe, Nutrition Relevancy in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Guidelines Following Total Knee Arthroplasty, Overview of Spondyloarthropathies, Differentiating Buttock Pain – Sacroiliac Joint Disorders. Enjoy!
Primal Pictures - anatomy

New: explore anatomy on Physioplus

15 Dec 2020

We are delighted to offer a new set of interactive anatomic models through a partnership with Primal Pictures. These models allow you to explore the musculoskeletal, neural and vascular structures of all parts of the body. We recommend trying all the items provided in the tool bar below each model and click on an anatomic structure to learn more. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to learn and revise your knowledge of anatomy!
Scott Buxton

New courses on older people

1 Dec 2020

We are very excited to be offering a series of courses developed by one of our key team members, Scott Buxton. As an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist in frailty, Scott has a wealth of experience in geriatrics and frailty and he will be sharing this knowledge with our community in a set of courses. You check out the first two now with the link below. Enjoy!
Helene Simpson

3 new foot and ankle courses from Helen Simpson

12 Nov 2020

We are very pleased to be able to offer three new courses from foot and ankle specialist Helen Simpson. In these courses she provides a physiotherapy perspective on achilles tendon rupture, plantar heel pain and hallux valgus surgery. We recommend you take a look!

Wake up to the importance of sleep!

4 Nov 2020

Join Dale Welehan in this series of courses that review the important but often ignored topic of sleep and its implications for injury recovery, general health and well being and also the physiotherapy related implications.
Shoulder impingement

New programme of shoulder courses

28 Sep 2020

We are very pleased to release a programme of three new courses related to the shoulder in collaboration with Ian Horsley who is Lead Physiotherapist in the North West for the English Institute of Sport. We highly recommend you take a look at these three key topics Frozen Shoulder – Do We Have the Cold, Hard Facts? Subacromial Space Impingement – Space Invaders and Sternoclavicular Joint Dysfunction. Don't forget you can ask Ian questions in the forum!

New tendinopathy courses

7 Sep 2020

Our ever popular course tutor Ebonie Rio has been busy creating four new short courses on the complexities of effectively managing tendon injuries. In-Season Management of Tendons, Pink Flags and Tendons, Evidence-Based Practice in Tendinopathy and Managing Difficult Tendinopathies. We highly recommend you check out these new courses if you are managing tendinopathies in your patient population!
Telehealth programme

Telehealth related courses

11 Aug 2020

With the ongoing restrictions required by social distancing the rehabilitation professions are by necessity moving to the use of digital technologies to deliver services remotely. In order to explore the issues involved with this method of delivery we have worked with the research team at the University of Queensland to develop a programme of courses which are a must do for anyone embarking on using telehealth.
COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme

COVID-19 rehabilitation programme released

16 Jul 2020

We are excited to launch our second programme of free courses related to COVID-19, this time focused on the ongoing rehabilitation needs related to this ongoing global pandemic. This is a period of unique challenges for our profession and hopefully, these courses will provide opportunities to learn, reflect and put into practice new approaches to providing care that will address the needs of our clients while taking into account the limitations and pressures imposed by life under lockdown and social distancing.
Mental Health and Covid

New COVID-19 related courses

25 May 2020

As the implications of the current pandemic become clearer we have been working hard to develop additional courses to support our community in managing both themselves and their clients during the crisis. Please check out these 3 new courses (with one more still in development) COVID-19 and Nutrition, Physical Activity and COVID-19 and Mental Health during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Understanding Coronavirus Disease

Coronavirus Disease Programme Released

16 Mar 2020

We are currently living through an unprecedented global health crisis resulting from a pandemic caused by a novel Corona virus. Many of the elderly, vulnerable and also our fellow frontline healthcare workers will bear the brunt of this crisis, however the physiotherapy / physical therapy profession also has an important role to play. This series of online courses will explore the nature of this outbreak and how we can play our part in mitigating this crisis.
Prostate Cancer Programme

Prostate cancer / men's health programme

13 Mar 2020

We are excited to announce the release of a new programme of 6 courses that cover physiotherapy aspects of men's health issues specifically relating to the treatment of prostate cancer. We also have been busy with other new courses released recently such as Leadership – Developing High Performance Teams and Running Gait Retraining. Hope you enjoy these new courses!
Lower Limb Amputee Pre-Prosthetic Management and Introduction to Prosthetics

Amputee rehabilitation programme

10 Feb 2020

Following the very popular lower limb amputee rehabilitation course delivered as a MOOC in 2015, we have now just released an updated programme of 4 courses covering the same comprehensive range of topics. If you are interested in working in this exciting and rewarding field or if you are an experienced practitioner working with amputees already, we anticipate that these courses will have something for you. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this programme!
Non-Specific Neck Pain

More new courses...

28 Jan 2020

We are continuing to release a variety of new courses on various topics... Perhaps you wish to add to your knowledge of rehabilitation of the knee with the Non-operative PCL Rehabilitation course. Or perhaps continue your exploration of mental health issues with The Impact of Trauma on Mental and Physical Health course. Or even review a case study with neck pain specialist Chris Worsfold in the Neck Pain Assessment Case Study course.
ankle assessment

New courses for 2020

6 Jan 2020

Welcome back after the New Year break! We hope you are refreshed and raring to go with newfound energy and enthusiasm for learning! If so you are in luck as we have been busy as ever and have published a variety of news courses since our last update. Here are just a few examples: Management of Distal Radius Fractures Programme, Differentiating Patellofemoral and Tibiofemoral Pain, Leadership – Managing Conflict in Rehabilitation, Lateral Ankle Injury Assessment. Go to the courses page and use the search facility to see if you can find anything new and of interest...
Concussion programme

Concussion programme and other courses

17 Nov 2019

So while the TBI course has been underway we have also been busy developing and releasing various other new courses. The most relevant to TBI are the 6 courses that make up the new Concussion programme. Also not to be missed are the new courses on PCL Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Fall Prevention Through Exercise. We hope you enjoy these new opportunities to learn with the Physioplus community!
Specific Therapeutic Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury

Final TBI course now available

11 Nov 2019

The fourth course in the TBI MOOC - Specific Therapeutic Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury - has now been released. This provides the final part of this series of courses and focuses on specific physiotherapy treatment approaches that can be used with this group of patients. If you finish this course and are looking for more, check out our new concussion programme.