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Motivational interviewing

3 Feb 2019

We are excited to release the first course by Mandy Roscher which provides an introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI). This will introduce you to a set of communication techniques and skills that are key tools in facilitating sustained behaviour change in your patients, which will ultimately greatly improve outcomes in their management. We hope you enjoy the new course!

Physical activity programme released

13 Jan 2019

We have been very busy working on an update to our original, very popular course exploring physical activity and the associated role of the physiotherapy profession. Today we are very excited to announce that we have now released this completely revised programme consisting of 5 separate courses giving an even more comprehensive review of this extremely important topic. Check the new programme using the link below!

Welcome to 2019!

1 Jan 2019

We hope that you had a great break and are now fired up and ready to make 2019 a year to remember! We have lots of new courses in the pipeline and we are starting these off with the release today of our Ethics programme. This involves four separate courses which combine to provide a comprehensive introduction to the very important topic of ethics in clinical practice. We suggest you start with the first course on ethical principles and values and progress from there as far as your curiosity takes you...
Runner with ankle pain

Ankle instability with Cailbhe Doherty

16 Nov 2018

We have many new exciting courses in the pipeline for the next few months. For now we want to highlight the recently released Chronic Ankle Instability Risk Identification course by popular presenter Cailbhe Doherty. This course provides an overview of the latest research to help clinicians tackle this unfortunately common condition. We hope you enjoy the course!

Four wheelchair courses all now available

24 Sep 2018

We have now released all four wheelchair service provision related courses which you can find on the courses page. Please note that trial account users will have access to these courses until Oct 31st. After this date the courses will remain on the Physioplus site but only full account holders will retain access. We hope you enjoy these courses and recommend you use the related forum topics to connect with all the participants from around the globe who are taking part...
wheelchair training online course

First wheelchair related course now available

3 Sep 2018

It's finally here! The first of the four wheelchair service provision open courses for 2018 is now available and you can begin this course at any time. There are separate versions of these courses available in both english and french languages. Look for the different links in the courses list below, or on the Courses page to enter the course suitable for your language needs. Please note that while there are no course deadlines, holders of trial Physioplus accounts have free access until the end of October. After this date course access will remain available for full Physioplus users.

Physitrack offer

29 Aug 2018

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Physitrack which allows Physioplus members to use the world leading exercise and patient engagement platform for just £60, a massive 50% discount. This offer is available to both trial and full Physioplus users in September!

Three new neck pain related courses from Chris Worsfold

10 Jul 2018

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have now just released three new short courses from Chris Worsfold. Chris is one of our most popular presenters and his video presentations in these courses are a pleasure to watch and full of insights and useful tips for clinicians tackling neck conditions. We hope you enjoy these new courses!

Pharmacology in Pain Management

30 May 2018

We are excited to release the first of two pharmacology related short courses. This first course reviews different pharmacological pain management drugs including the actions and side-effects that are important to understand as a practising physiotherapist. We hope that you find this course interesting and useful!
Ethical principles and values for physiotherapists and physical therapists

First ethics course released

30 Apr 2018

We are very excited to release the first in our series of four ethics courses. This course introduces ethical principles and values. Ethics is something which concerns us all, in the decisions we make and how we practice every day. However ethics is not something that we often spend time to consider and reflect on. Hopefully these four courses will provide an opportunity for an investigation and reflection, and will stimulate you to think about these very important issues and perhaps discuss your thoughts with your colleagues. We hope you enjoy the courses!
Thinking in nature

Two short courses on reflection now available

1 Mar 2018

Reflection is a set of skills we all need to consciously develop if we are to improve as practitioners. However this is a topic that we often struggle with and perhaps even avoid! To try to address this we took the opportunity to speak with two experienced advocates of clinical reflection. Based on these conversations we have just released two short courses where you can benefit from their advice and insights. We hope you enjoy them!
Shoulder rehabilitation for physiotherapy and physical therapy

All four shoulder courses now available

6 Feb 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have now released all four shoulder courses. Introduction to the Shoulder, Shoulder Assessment, Clinical Presentations of Shoulder Pain and Therapeutic Interventions for the Shoulder. Each of these courses can be completed separately and will provide a related course completion certificate. You can choose to start with the introduction course and follow the four courses in order, or just dip in to the course that takes your interest. Go to the courses page and search for "shoulder" to find out more.
Shoulder muscles

Introduction to the shoulder course released!

15 Jan 2018

We are very pleased to release the first of four shoulder courses, "Introduction to the shoulder". Each of these courses can be completed individually and each course will provide a separate course completion certificate. There are no deadlines on the completion of any of these courses but we suggest making the most of the next few weeks when the forum is likely to be at its busiest with clinicians from around the world all focused on sharing and learning about the shoulder...

Welcome to a new year of learning

2 Jan 2018

We hope that you have had a fabulous break over the festive period and that this has provided you with an opportunity to reflect on 2017 and to start to make plans for 2018. We also hope that these plans include pursuing your professional development and that participating in PP+ courses forms part of that plan! We are very excited about our next course which will be an update to the existing shoulder course which will be released in mid January so we encourage you to take a look at this when it is available. In the meantime remember that you are free to take any of the other courses on the site and progress through these on your own schedule...

Happy Christmas!

20 Dec 2017

We would like to wish everyone a festive holiday season from the PP+ team and to highlight that the Managing Children with Clubfoot course will be available to free trial account holders until Sunday Dec. 31st. So make sure you complete the course before this date unless you are planning to upgrade your account. We have a very exciting 2018 planned starting with an update to the shoulder course that will be released on Monday Jan. 8th There are lots more exciting courses in development for the following months and we are looking forward to exploring all these new topics together... Tony

What's next?

5 Dec 2017

It has been amazing once again to see the community engagement with our annual open course. We hope that you all continue to benefit from this course and suggest that you explore the related forum topics to see the many contributions from all over the world. We now have a brief respite until our next course will be released on Monday January 8th which will be an update to the existing shoulder course. If you are taking the current version of this course please make sure you have finished this and downloaded your certificate before the update goes live.

Clubfoot course now available

5 Nov 2017

We are extremely pleased to announce that the open Managing Children with Clubfoot course is now available. Please make the most of the next few weeks to use the PP+ forum to connect with thousands of physiotherapists and physical therapists around the globe to discover more this important topic. Please note that for the first time we are offering a separate version of this course in French. Access the french version of the course - Pied Bot

Clubfoot course release 6th Nov.

10 Oct 2017

Don't miss the biggest, most international, most active online learning experience of the year... this years open course on Physiopedia Plus. This year the topic is the management of children with clubfoot. Every year 150,000 – 200,000 babies with clubfoot are born, approximately 80% of these will be in low and middle income countries. Without treatment, the clubfoot deformity causes a lifetime of disability as the affected individual experiences pain and difficulty in walking. However, most cases of clubfoot can be successfully treated by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare workers. Learn with physiotherapists from around the world, how you can be an effective part of this team...

Neck pain course available in full

29 Sep 2017

We have now published the final section of the neck pain course and also added an excellent interview with Chris Worsfold to the final section which we recommend to all clinicians looking for practical advice. We hope you all enjoy this course. Next is the open Clubfoot course which will be released starting 6th November so make a note in your diary! Please note the the Managing Children with Cerebral Palsy course will be closed to trial members from this date so if you are working through this course ensure you have completed it by then.

Neck pain course released!

3 Sep 2017

Welcome back after your summer break (well everyone in the northern hemisphere!). We are very excited to announce that the first section of the Neck Pain course has just been released. We hope you enjoy this course and please make the most of the opportunity to interact with your colleagues from around the world in the forum. Please note that this course involves using the new look Physiopedia. We are extremely pleased to have launched the updated and mobile friendly Physiopedia site earlier this summer and this is just the start of us rolling out updates to all our sites. We hope you like it as much as we do!