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Lower Limb Amputee Pre-Prosthetic Management and Introduction to Prosthetics

Amputee rehabilitation programme

10 Feb 2020

Following the very popular lower limb amputee rehabilitation course delivered as a MOOC in 2015, we have now just released an updated programme of 4 courses covering the same comprehensive range of topics. If you are interested in working in this exciting and rewarding field or if you are an experienced practitioner working with amputees already, we anticipate that these courses will have something for you. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this programme!
Non-Specific Neck Pain

More new courses...

28 Jan 2020

We are continuing to release a variety of new courses on various topics... Perhaps you wish to add to your knowledge of rehabilitation of the knee with the Non-operative PCL Rehabilitation course. Or perhaps continue your exploration of mental health issues with The Impact of Trauma on Mental and Physical Health course. Or even review a case study with neck pain specialist Chris Worsfold in the Neck Pain Assessment Case Study course.
ankle assessment

New courses for 2020

6 Jan 2020

Welcome back after the New Year break! We hope you are refreshed and raring to go with newfound energy and enthusiasm for learning! If so you are in luck as we have been busy as ever and have published a variety of news courses since our last update. Here are just a few examples: Management of Distal Radius Fractures Programme, Differentiating Patellofemoral and Tibiofemoral Pain, Leadership – Managing Conflict in Rehabilitation, Lateral Ankle Injury Assessment. Go to the courses page and use the search facility to see if you can find anything new and of interest...
Concussion programme

Concussion programme and other courses

17 Nov 2019

So while the TBI course has been underway we have also been busy developing and releasing various other new courses. The most relevant to TBI are the 6 courses that make up the new Concussion programme. Also not to be missed are the new courses on PCL Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Fall Prevention Through Exercise. We hope you enjoy these new opportunities to learn with the Physioplus community!
Specific Therapeutic Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury

Final TBI course now available

11 Nov 2019

The fourth course in the TBI MOOC - Specific Therapeutic Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury - has now been released. This provides the final part of this series of courses and focuses on specific physiotherapy treatment approaches that can be used with this group of patients. If you finish this course and are looking for more, check out our new concussion programme.
Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic Brain Injury courses now available

20 Oct 2019

We are very excited to release the first course of this year's MOOC on Traumatic Brain Injury! This is the first of a series of 4 courses that will be released one per week over the next month. We hope you enjoy the courses and we encourage you to make the most of the discussion forums for the next 6 weeks where you will be able to connect with and learn from clinicians from all over the globe who will be exploring this topic together.
Mental health programme

Mental health programme released

7 Oct 2019

Following on from her extremely popular ethics courses, Andrea Sturm has now released the first in a series of four courses that explore the important topic of mental health and the related role of physiotherapists. All clinicians will be working with clients with some level of mental health condition every day and so these courses will probably be relevant to you and your practice!

Simplified activity logging

9 Sep 2019

Today we updated the way your learning activities are logged to make using Physioplus easier. Now when you click on a course link to view a resource or video, this item will be added to your activity log and immediately set as "Completed". So now you won't need to repeatedly visit your dashboard or activity log to update activity engagements in the process of completing a course. Remember if you wish to add a reflective note to an activity you can still do this by editing that activity on your dashboard or activity log in the usual way. Thanks!

New course on Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis

13 Aug 2019

Our knee specialist Claire Robertson has just released a brand new course that reviews the latest evidence on the risk factors and management approaches for the very common condition of patellofemoral osteoarthritis. This is a great short course which we recommend you check out!
Female therapist explaining shirtless senior male patient with artificial spine

Course on Informed Consent published

13 Jul 2019

In his second course on Physioplus Dr Roger Kerry explores this key aspect of clinical practice covering the related aspects of ethics, patient centred care and also the changing legal issues that surround it. He raises very important issues that we should all reflect on! Hope you enjoy the course!
Knee crepitus

New course on Knee Crepitus released

11 Jun 2019

We are pleased to announce that a new course by Claire Robertson is now available to continue her exploration of the knee. In this latest short online course we explore knee crepitus, what it is, what are the implications for symptoms and treatment and how we should help our patients understand their “noisy knees”.

Survey of Physioplus users

11 Jun 2019

We are always looking to develop Physioplus to better serve our users. To help us with this task we are seeking feedback in a short online survey. If you can spare 2 minutes please take a moment to complete this survey to let us know what we are doing well and how we can improve.

Leadership programme released

27 May 2019

Becoming a leader within your working environment, community and/or within the profession, is probably both the most challenging and also rewarding aspect of a career in physiotherapy / physical therapy. Give yourself a head start with this programme of short courses developed with Jason Giesbrecht, that develop leadership skills that are specifically relevant to rehabilitation professionals.
Runner holding knee with pain

Knee courses with Claire Robertson

25 Apr 2019

If you are working with clients with knee conditions we think you will find these two new short courses on the fat pad and patellofemoral pain extremely useful. We are very excited to announce that we have been working with Claire Robertson, an internationally respected knee specialist, to develop these courses and will be adding more in the future to form a comprehensive knee programme.

Use Physioplus as a portfolio

4 Apr 2019

We are very excited to announce the launch of new feature on the Physioplus platform which adds the ability to use your account activity log as an eportfolio for recording your learning activities that happen in the “real world”! Read more about this new facility in the related Physiospot post.

2 new courses on running

15 Mar 2019

We are excited to have just released 2 short courses related to the assessment and rehabilitation of running athletes. These have been developed in partnership with Ari Kaplan and Doug Adams of the Association of Clinical Excellence and offer a great introduction to this complex topic.
Anterior cruciate ligament structure and function online course

ACL rehabilitation programme available

28 Feb 2019

The eagle eyed among you will probably have noticed a series of 4 ACL rehabilitation related courses have been released recently. We are delighted to have been working with internationally recognised specialist Luke O'Brien to develop these courses on this important topic, and we hope that you will find them equally enjoyable and educational...

Motivational interviewing

3 Feb 2019

We are excited to release the first course by Mandy Roscher which provides an introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI). This will introduce you to a set of communication techniques and skills that are key tools in facilitating sustained behaviour change in your patients, which will ultimately greatly improve outcomes in their management. We hope you enjoy the new course!

Physical activity programme released

13 Jan 2019

We have been very busy working on an update to our original, very popular course exploring physical activity and the associated role of the physiotherapy profession. Today we are very excited to announce that we have now released this completely revised programme consisting of 5 separate courses giving an even more comprehensive review of this extremely important topic. Check the new programme using the link below!

Welcome to 2019!

1 Jan 2019

We hope that you had a great break and are now fired up and ready to make 2019 a year to remember! We have lots of new courses in the pipeline and we are starting these off with the release today of our Ethics programme. This involves four separate courses which combine to provide a comprehensive introduction to the very important topic of ethics in clinical practice. We suggest you start with the first course on ethical principles and values and progress from there as far as your curiosity takes you...