Our subscription prices in different currencies

As a UK registered business Physioplus charges subscriptions in UK Sterling (GBP). If you live in a different country you will be charged in your local currency when you take out a Physioplus subscription. The amount you are charged will depend on the exchange rate used by your bank at the time of your payment. The table below is provided to give an indication of what this approximate payment will be in your local currency.

Physioplus membership price: £149.50 (GBP) per year.

Currency name Currency code Approx. amount
Argentine peso ARS 13,042.92
Australian dollar AUD 268.65
Bahamian dollar BSD 185.19
Brazilian real BRL 1,007.62
British pound GBP 149.50
Bulgarian lev BGN 323.06
Canadian dollar CAD 251.85
Chilean peso CLP 152,234.36
Chinese yuan CNY 1,307.24
Colombian peso COP 691,274.55
Croatian kuna HRK 1,249.50
Czech koruna CZK 4,398.28
Danish krone DKK 1,229.44
Dominican peso DOP 10,664.82
Egyptian pound EGP 2,985.49
Euro EUR 164.97
Fijian dollar FJD 403.89
Guatemalan quetzal GTQ 1,425.98
Hong Kong dollar HKD 1,435.93
Hungarian forint HUF 58,455.85
Icelandic króna ISK 25,671.09
Indian rupee INR 13,975.65
Indonesian rupiah IDR 2,618,253.30
Israeli new shekel ILS 641.10
Japanese yen JPY 19,939.11
Kazakhstani tenge KZT 74,916.39
Malaysian ringgit MYR 793.16
Mexican peso MXN 4,243.45
New Taiwan dollar TWD 5,443.71
New Zealand dollar NZD 287.01
Norwegian krone NOK 1,778.93
Pakistani rupee PKR 30,910.62
Panamanian balboa PAB 185.19
Paraguayan guaraní PYG 1,267,336.92
Peruvian sol PEN 654.42
Philippine peso PHP 9,226.02
Polish zloty PLN 734.11
Romanian leu RON 798.30
Russian ruble RUB 13,164.13
Saudi riyal SAR 693.33
South African rand ZAR 3,196.30
South Korean won KRW 222,511.32
Swedish krona SEK 1,728.61
Swiss franc CHF 175.50
Thai baht THB 5,725.33
Turkish lira TRY 1,269.13
Ukrainian hryvnia UAH 4,948.64
United Arab Emirates dirham AED 679.99
United States dollar USD 185.35
Uruguayan peso UYU 7,791.00

Exchange rates last updated: 2nd Jul 2020