Physioplus Course Presenter (aka Topic Specialist)

As a course presenter, you have specialist knowledge in a specific topic and sharing that knowledge to the global rehabilitation community is your passion.

Our partnership with Physioplus (Physiopedia) allows us to reach a global physiotherapy audience beyond what we ever thought was possible ~ Jason Giesbrecht, Rehabilitation Leadership Specialist, Canada

I thoroughly enjoy working with Physiopedia. They’re a business with a heart. Knowing my teaching is being accessed globally in less developed countries is a really big plus for me. They’re consistent, fun, plain talkers and they have a really cool website AND they do all the boring admin things for you! They even edited my videos to make it look like I know what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them ~ Chris Worsfold, Neck Pain Specialist, UK

Our goal is to provide a platform where topic specialists can come together to contribute to the education and professional development of the global physiotherapy community at the same time benefiting from the wide exposure that we can offer their expertise, services and products.

As a Physioplus presenter you will:

  • Record a short video presentation (20-40 mins in the comfort of your own home/office) or a series of video presentation on your specialist topic.
  • Have the full support of the Physioplus team to create accredited courses to effectively share your knowledge (in other words – you do the video, we will do everything else!).
  • Receive your choice of an up front payment or ongoing royalty payments for each course you contribute to.
  • Have your face to face courses promoted alongside your online course on Physioplus.

Optionally you can choose to:

  • Visit our office in Chamonix (legendary mountain town in France) to record videos with the Physioplus team.
  • Provide slides to go with your video.
  • Write a text based topic summary to support the presentation.
  • Write a quiz for the assessment.
  • Engage in the discussion forums for your topic and communicate directly with learners.
  • Write related articles on Physiospot to share your work and knowledge in your specialist topic area.

For this particular role you must have:

  • Rehabilitation profession qualification with >5 years post qualifying experience.
  • Expertise in a specific topic, preferably with previous publications, presentations or teaching experience.
  • Enthusiasm to share knowledge with rehabilitation professionals all over the world.

Here’s our carrots! 10 reasons why you may want to work with Physioplus:

  1. Fair remuneration with ongoing royalties are paid to course authors.
  2. All technical support in course development provided.
  3. Delivered on a proven existing platform currently being used by 50,000+ physios.
  4. Partnerships with 25 national member organisations and growing.
  5. All published courses will be submitted for accreditation in the USA, Australia, and South Africa.  Accepted for CE/CPD in many additional countries.
  6. Courses will be promoted on Physiopedia (targeted pop-up adverts on the most popular physiotherapy website with 2 million+ visits from every country in the world every month), Physiospot (50,000+ visits per month), social media networks (Facebook 70,000+ connections, Twitter 39,000+ connections), email newsletters (100,000+ subscribers).
  7. Equitable access to your courses for physios around the world with discounted pricing based on country of residence.
  8. Company profits invested into the Physiopedia charity to support the delivery of open resources /courses for the development of our global profession.
  9. No hidden agendas, no investors to please.
  10. We are nice to work with and we deliver!

How to apply

Does this sound interesting? If yes, please send an email to [email protected] telling us about yourself and attach a résumé. Let us know what course topics you would like to contribute.  If your application is successful, we will send you the full guidelines that describe in detail how we will work together to produce great courses and will arrange a call to discuss the next steps.

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