Plus Instructor – Creating a Short Trailer Video for Your Course or Programme

Short 60 second videos are a great way for you to connect to your audience and boost your course views. We share these via our various social media platforms and we tailor the messaging and platform to maximise engagement.

The most important part of your video is to ‘hook’ your audience by demonstrating a ‘knowledge gap’ – this is usually in the form of a key fact or concept which conveys the importance of someone learning the information in your course. Take a look at the examples below from Chris Martey and Darren Brown to see this in action.

Follow this link to see how the promo video is used on the course promotion pages. (At this stage to view the promo video you have to be logged out of Plus)

Click on these social media links for an example of how the Plus Communication Team uses the promo video

How you can be involved:

  • Create a short video to include (approx 1 min total):
  • 10 seconds to introduce yourself
  • 40 seconds to share the main point or hook for the course/programme Example: People living with Spondyloarthropathy have a delay to diagnosis of 8.5 years. Find out how you can change this.
  • End with something that invites the person to come over to Plus and learn with you e.g. “join me on Plus and learn about [your topic]”
  • The video should be the same format as your course videos (landscape, good lighting, and ⅔ orientation on the screen)

Send the video to us for editing and sharing on SM and you can reshare and promote with your discount code to generate more revenue for you. Make sure to follow Physiopedia / Plus on social media.


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