Plus Instructor Handbook

Welcome to the Plus Instructor’s Handbook

Tarina van der Stockt – Education Director

Tarina oversees the whole process of course creation. She will help you plan your course/programme outline and will be the main contact for anything related to your course(s).

Jacquie Kieck – Media Manager

Jacquie will be your contact for everything video-related. She will guide you through the recording process and how to share your video(s) and additional content with Plus. Once the video editing is completed Jacquie will send you a review link.

Jess Bell – Course Creation Manager

Jess will be your contact once the media team completed the video editing.  She will be in touch regarding resources/references and any questions the course creation team has.  Once your course is ready to be reviewed she will send you an email with the links needed to review the course.  She will also reach out to you via email if there are questions on the forum or “ask the expert” questions.