Plus Instructors – Video Presentation Examples

This page has multiple examples from different presenters to guide you determine your presentation style

Examples instructor speaking to the camera

Let’s start with three short snippets of popular course videos. Please note that all editing and slides are done by the Plus team and the presenter only records the video of them speaking to the camera.


Here are some examples of what can be included in your video

  • In this video, the presenter demonstrates some practical techniques on herself.


  • This video shows the practitioner giving the patient input remotely.
  • Here is another example of a video where the presenter has included a video clip with a patient demonstration.
  • In this video, the presenter provided a video clip of a practical assessment that the media team inserted into the video.
  • A table and a diagram can be created and inserted into the video to enhance understanding of the topic that the presenter is discussing.
  • In this video, the presenter uses a prop (a model of a spine) in her explanation. (When using a prop it is important to make sure that the prop, and where you are pointing to on the prop, is viewable on the screen).

Examples and tips for recording practical videos