Plus Instructors – Video Recording Set-Up

Once your course(s) proposal is approved you can prepare your 1-minute test video before recording your first course. Please review the below information carefully.

Jacquie Kieck is the Media Manager and will be your contact for everything related to the video and recording. Please add Jacquie’s email ([email protected]) to your contact list to avoid emails going to your spam folder.

A Plus course presentation is a video recording of you sharing your knowledge through the power of video. We usually aim for 20-30 minutes per recording, and you might do several on the same topic that we can put together in a programme of courses.



Plus video presentations are a combination of you presenting to the camera, your slides and images facilitating learning. Together with a transcript and subtitles to accommodate user diversity in learning styles, culture, language and internet access.

Watch this video to see a demo of what your final product will look like:


Don’t worry, we will do all the video editing and production!

All we need from you is the following required elements:

  1. A video of you speaking to the camera (not showing your slides)
  2. A list of references that you refer to and/or to support what you are saying
  3. Slides or notes that you use to prepare – this will help the media team to embed slides in the video and will guide us in creating the reading page
  4. Peer-reviewed references from the last 5 years per course


  1. Aim for 20-30 minutes for a video. If you need to speak more consider splitting into several videos on different topics.
  2. It does not need to be perfect! We can edit out coughs, splutters, umms and errs. But also, the user likes to see a real person speaking, they enjoy seeing some personality!
  3. But we do need a good video so here are some tips for you….


Recording the video

Watch this video guide to recording a video for Plus



  1. You can use a digital camera, a mobile device, or a webcam on your laptop or computer. Your recording device should be able to record in 1080p resolution (720p only if you absolutely have no better option).
  2. If you use a mobile device make sure that it is a recent model mobile device (iPhone version 7 or later) and it needs to be securely and well-positioned. Do not hold it in your hand and make sure it is in landscape orientation (on its side!). You can use a tripod, or improvise by standing it or taping it against your laptop.
  3. You may have your own current preference for the software you use to record videos on a computer or laptop, and that’s fine. This can include pre-installed programs like QuickTime on Apple computers and Camera on Windows computers. If you have no other option you can use Zoom to record from your computer laptop, but keep in mind that Zoom will only record up to 720p resolution (unless you have a Business or Enterprise plan). If you use Zoom please take a look at this article that will direct you through the settings you need to use.
  4. Your final video file should be a .mp4 or .mov file.

Once you are ready to record, you can send us a short, 1-minute, test clip of your recording prior to recording your full presentation. This allows us to have a look at your recording set-up so that we can give feedback before you record your full presentation. By doing this we hope to avoid having to do a re-record.

Send your test video using one of the following ways:

  • You can upload your test video clip to the google drive folder that was created for you, email Jacquie to let her know that you uploaded the video.
  • Email the video to Jacquie Kieck [email protected]
  • Use WeTransfer

For more tips and tricks on recording like lighting, making a DIY tripod, phone settings, uploading to Google Drive and using Teleprompter click on this link – Useful Tips for Recording


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