Physioplus Presenters FAQ

This page is intended to answer questions you may have as a potential Presenter with Physioplus. If you are interested in being a Physioplus Presenter, find out more here!

To understand more about Physiopedia and Physioplus as a UK-based charity, click here

What is a Presenter?

A Presenter (aka a Topic Specialist) is a registered Physiotherapist or accredited health care provider who would like to share their knowledge on a particular medical or rehabilitation topic. If you are interested in sharing your expertise with the world on an online platform, Physioplus may be a good option for you.

Physioplus currently has over 50 Physioplus Presenters, each having their own profile and course pages.

What is Physioplus?

Physioplus is the online learning platform for Physiopedia. It is built by physiotherapists as well as other health care providers and knowledge users. It offers over 900 hours of online courses and programmes (a series of courses) for an annual subscription for members.

To learn more about the platform itself, please read more here.

How many Physioplus members are there?

At present, there are 92,000+ members, including free trial account users.

How can I become involved as a Presenter? 

If you are interested in becoming a Presenter for Physioplus please reach out to us here with the following information i) your name ii) your professional title, place of work and country of practice iii) topics you may be interested in presenting iv) your contact information and v) a link to your online biography. We will then contact you to discuss your topics of interest and invite you to our monthly Presenter Meet-ups.

How do we decide on a topic? Are they suggested or is there a list? 

We encourage you to let us know which topics you are interested in presenting.  We are also happy to help you develop a focused topic. Please take a look at our current course list for inspiration.  Please feel free to run your ideas by us in the application form.

What are some of the benefits of being a Physioplus Presenter? 

Some of best advantages of working with us are:

  1. We pay well – Fair and very competitive remuneration plus unrivalled promotion of your work, services and courses.
  2. We do all the hard work – All technical support in course development provided, all we need from you is the video!
  3. We are popular – #1 rehabilitation website with 2 million+ visits from every country in the world every month, delivered on a proven existing platform currently being used by 90,000+ people.
  4. We are trusted – Partnerships with 100+ universities, 30+ national member organisations and growing.
  5. We are accredited – Courses accredited in the USA, Australia, and South Africa.  Accepted for CE/CPD in many additional countries including UK, NZ and Canada.
  6. We will promote you – Physiospot (50,000+ visits per month), social media networks (Facebook 75,000+ connections, Twitter 40,000+ connections), email newsletters (120,000+ subscribers).
  7. We are fair – Equitable access to your courses around the world with discounted pricing based on country of residence (it’s free to people in low income countries!).
  8. We are kind – Company profits invested into the Physiopedia charity to support the delivery of open resources /courses for the development of our global profession.
  9. We are simple – No hidden agendas, no investors to please.
  10. We are nice to work with and we deliver!

What do you need from me as a Presenter? 

All we need from you is a video!  We will then do the editing work to create a video presentation that is a combination of you presenting to the camera, your slides and images to facilitate learning. We put this together with a transcript, audio file and subtitles to accommodate user diversity in learning styles, culture, language and internet access. And combine with readings, quizzes, discussions and other learning activities to create a course.

Don’t worry, we will do all the video editing and production!  

As a Physioplus presenter you will:

  • Record a short video presentation (20-40 mins in the comfort of your own home/office) or a series of video presentations on your specialist topic.
  • Provide a list of scientific references that you refer to and/or to support what you are saying.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) for accreditation purposes (see more details about this below).
  • A photo of yourself (either a professional photo, or an action shot of you in your work environment) that we can share on your course page.

Optionally, you can choose to:

  • Provide slides to go with your video.
  • Write a text based topic summary to support the presentation.
  • Write a quiz for the assessment.
  • Engage in the discussion forums for your topic and communicate directly with learners.
  • Write related articles on Physiospot to share your work and knowledge in your specialist topic area.

We have a media team that can provide you with quality feedback on your videos and can also help you put your presentation together. We also have learning architects who can help you compose quiz questions, as needed. We will guide you through the process from start to finish and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the final course product.

What can Physiopedia provide me in return? 

We provide royalty based remuneration for your courses. This is a share of the Physioplus gross income that is distributed among presenters based on the number of courses they have and the engagement with those courses.

In addition, we will provide you with the following:

  • Link to your courses – Your course on Physioplus will have a “What Next” link at the end that directs our members to get more training directly with you.
  • Your personal tutor page – This will have your biography, and a link to your website and twitter account (see an example here).  Given Physiopedia’s ranking on Google, these pages do very well in searches for your name.
  • You can write articles on Physiospot ( at any time you like – these articles are shared in our emails and social media with over 100,000 people.
  • We’re also very friendly and also willing to discuss specific objectives that you have and help you share those, working with Physioplus is not a simple business transaction, we are a team with a joint mission to elevate standards of physiotherapy practice all over the world.

What kind of branding will be used throughout the course? Can I apply my own brand?

We ask that you do not have personal branding or promotional products as part of your videos. We are happy to link your work in your Physioplus tutor profile and at the end of your Physioplus courses.

Physioplus courses have required reading. Who is responsible for providing the reading list?  

We ask that the Presenters provide references and additional reading for the content of their courses. We will then include the references on the course page(s). We also have Learning Architects who will create specific topic summaries to go with your course.

Some Physioplus courses are part of a programme, while others are stand alone courses. What is the difference between a course and a programme? 

Every course has its own certificate of completion and is accredited individually. A programme is a series of courses. To complete the programme, the participant must complete all the associated courses in the series as well as pass the final assignment. Once the assignment has been successfully passed, the participant will receive a completion certificate for the programme.

How many presenters can there be for a course / programme?

Most of our courses have one Presenter, however there are some courses and programmes which benefit from multiple presenters. We are open to cooperating with multiple subject matter experts for a course or programme.

How long does a course typically stay on the Physioplus platform?

This truly depends on the popularity of the course. It is our aim to update or review the course every 2 years, to ensure it remains evidence-based.

Is it possible to be provided with tips for building a good quality video?

Yes, of course. We have detailed guidelines for you and have a Media Team who are in place to help guide you with your video.  We will always ask you to send a test video first so that we can give you feedback on lighting, positioning, background and overall quality.

Who owns the intellectual property (IP) rights of the courses, once published?

You retain your video IP, although we do ask for exclusive use, apart from when you are using it for your own teaching.  We own the IP for the course and other course content.

Are Physioplus courses accredited? If so, where? 

Yes, we work with all appropriate international accrediting organisations. For a comprehensive list of our course accreditations, please click here.

Are we required to sign an agreement with Physioplus?

Yes, we do have a written agreement.

When can I get started?

We are happy to work with you as soon as it suits you. Please get in touch with us here.