Instructor Dashboard

As a Plus instructor you have access to a personalised dashboard when logged into Plus.

You have access to the following features on your instructor dashboard


  • List of all your courses and the publication date
  • You can view the course number of completions, number of reviews (feedback forms submitted) and the average rating for each course
  • When you click on “Details” next to each course you can view a feedback summary of that course
  • Your “Ask the expert” forum link
  • Discount code information to share including your discount code and a link you can share. You will also be able to monitor how many people use the code.

How to access your dashboard


To view your Instructor’s Dashboard, first log into Plus. There are two ways you can access this

  1. You can follow this link
  2. In Plus, click on “Dashboard” in the top white banner, scroll down and then click on the “Instructor Dashboard” tab.



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