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Solutions For Your Organisation

Physioplus offers a career development platform that compliments any organisation’s offering.  Providing Physioplus to your staff, students or members gives them access to quality online continuing education and professional development tools, such as online courses, CPD points and CEUs as well as an electronic portfolio.  There are many other additional benefits for your organisation as well.

Join over 50 national member organisations, universities, clinics and hospitals in providing the benefit of Physioplus for their personal career development and/or your service development.

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What do your staff/students/members get?

Your staff/students/members will have full access to the full Physioplus service and each user will have their own individual account which includes:

  • Personalised learning environment – every individual user of Physioplus has their own personal dashboard that summarises their individual learning activity and displays learning activities completed, progress through courses and awards collected (e.g. CEUs, CPD points, badges, certificates etc).
  • Electronic portfolio – Physioplus based learning activities are automatically recorded and external activities can be manually added, a summary of learning activity between specific time periods can be exported for reporting and audits.
  • Reflective activities – individual reflections can be manually added to any of the recorded learning activities and these are recorded in the activity log.
  • Online accredited courses –  we work with leading topic specialists all over the world to create unique and engaging courses that users can work through independently at any time. Currently 1483 hours of accredited online courses are available in English and French.
  • CEUs/CPD points – certificates are provided with CEUs or CPD points appropriate to the individuals registration circumstances.
  • Resources – there is a constantly growing library of clinically relevant educational resources including book chapters, videos, articles, podcasts etc. Currently there are over 3000 resources available.
  • Books – a library of selected full text online books is available.
  • Technique videos – there are over 500 instructional technique videos available covering both examination tests and manual therapy techniques.
  • Podcasts – easy access to a searchable database of over 2000 podcasts.
  • Quizzes – there are over 200 quizzes to test and evidence knowledge.
  • Evidence updates – optional evidence updates including the latest clinically relevant research are delivered monthly by email.
  • Discussion forum – a unique gathering of physiotherapists and topic specialists from all over the world providing an opportunity to interact, collaborate with and learn from international colleagues of all levels in all contexts.

Options available with Physioplus Professional:

  • Exercise prescription platform – create client management plans using over 3000 evidence based exercises created by physiotherapists for physiotherapists.
  • TeleRehabilitation platform – easy to use video conferencing integrated with exercise and patient management tools.

What do you get?

There are several additional benefits for partnering organisations including:

  • Single sign on integration with your website – staff/students/members can access Physioplus directly from your website with a specifically created link that takes them directly to their personal account.
  • Branded interface – we can brand the Physioplus interface using your organisation’s colours and logos to allow a more seamless user experience.
  • Administration dashboard – allows you to manage your users and view their engagement with the Physioplus platform.
  • Private area for your organisation – a private section on Physioplus for your organisation to add information that will only be available to your staff/students/members.
  • Bespoke online courses – we can work with you to develop, host and support online courses that specifically meet your needs. You can also receive ongoing royalty payments for shared courses.
  • Recruitment opportunities – you will have the option to use a pop-up advertising space on the Physiopedia website (, targeting adverts and surveys at website visitors from your geographical locality.
  • Promotional opportunities – as a partner you are entitled to publish articles in our online magazine Physiospot (  Here you may wish to share news or promote other activities and services such as conferences, courses, and advocacy initiatives. Plus soon you will be able to promote your clinic on the professions first global FindPT/Physio service.
  • Specific objectives – we welcome discussion around specific organisation objectives that we may be able to assist with.
  • Technical support – we will provide full technical support to advise and assist you with any technical issues you might be facing, including website development.
  • Social responsibility – Physioplus supports the Physiopedia charity.  We will provide you with a badge to display your contribution to the global physiotherapy community.
  • We will keep you updated – every month we will send email updates to enable you to promote new learning opportunities to your staff/students/members.

If you are interested in providing your staff/students/members with the benefits of online continuing education and professional development with Physioplus, please send us your details so that we can provide you with a specific proposal for your organisation or email Rachael Lowe at [email protected] for more information, she is always happy help.

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