Brent Grimsley

Brent Grimsley

Brent Grimsley

B.Sc Physio

Director and Chief Physiotherapist

Prime Human Performance and HG Physio

About Brent Grimsley

Experienced Sports Physiotherapist working with amateur to elite level athletes.

Brent is an experienced Sports Physiotherapist with a B.Sc Physio (cum laude) from the University of Free State. He is a registered Physiotherapist in South Africa and serving on multiple executive Physiotherapy committees. Brent has been the physiotherapist for different sporting codes for provincial and national teams as well as Olympic and Paralympic athletes. He has a demonstrated history of working in sports medicine from amateur to elite level as well as lecturing in these areas. Brent is highly skilled in injury prevention, sports injury management, biomechanics and working with Team sport.

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Return to Play During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread training and competition disruption in sports. Athletes had limited or variable access to training facilities and equipment, and many athletes around the world have been severely limited in their training and exercise regimes. A primary concern globally is the maintenance of key physical qualities and conditioning. Changes in body composition occur during periods of reduced training and this can have an impact on an athlete’s performance and injury risk with the resumption of training and competition. Strategies need to be in place promoting safe, appropriate and progressive return to play for all athletes.
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