Physioplus integrations

The Physioplus platform provides several methods of integration in order to allow the members or users of a partner organisation’s website to access their full Physioplus account without the need for the user to have separate Physioplus login details. Please note that these integrations are only provided to Physioplus partner organisations and require the organisation to be issued with a set of public and private Physioplus integration keys.

There are three integration methods currently available:

Physioplus authentication API – a simple mechanism for connecting to the Physioplus website that requires some technical web development support to implement. Partner organisations will be provided with relevant technical documentation with sample implementation code, to allow the required custom development to be implemented on their own website.

WordPress plugin – a standard plugin compatible with the worlds most popular website platform can be provided to partner organisations who are using WordPress. In order to use this plugin the WordPress website must include a private members-only area. Note – we can provide advice and support for organisations that use WordPress and wish to add a private members-only area to their website.


Learning Management System (LMS) integration – Physioplus offers a standard LTI tool provider interface which is compatible with most popular Learning Management Systems (e.g. Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard etc). Relevant documentation will be provided to education partner organisations that details how to set up this integration method on their LMS so their student users can access Physioplus directly from within their online courses.

Please contact us if you are using a website platform that we do not currently support.

In order to benefit from a Physioplus integration please consider becoming a Physioplus partner organisation:

Become a Physioplus partner