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Physioplus courses can be done at your convenience, at any time and in any place that suits you.  With new courses added regularly there is always something to do.

The courses involve a variety of learning activities including reading resources (e.g. journal articles, book chapters, Physiopedia pages), watching videos, listening to podcasts, joining the international discussion forum, reflection activities and testing your understanding with quizzes.

Everything you do as part of the course is recorded in your personalised learning portfolio and when you have completed a course you can download a personalised course completion certificate.

Explore the Physioplus courses below. Please note that courses with accreditation are identified with the icon , click this icon to view accreditation details (view all course accreditation details):

clinical presentations of shoulder pain Clinical Presentations of Shoulder Pain Musculoskeletal 5 info
Dysfunctional Breathing Cardiorespiratory 5 info
Evidence Based Practice General 5.5 info
online foot and ankle course for physiotherapy and physical therapy Foot and ankle Musculoskeletal 16 info
Global Health General 16 info
Introduction to Neurology Neurology 16 info
Introduction To The Knee Musculoskeletal 16 info
Shoulder muscles Introduction to the Shoulder Musculoskeletal 5 info
Low Back Pain Musculoskeletal, Pain 16 info
Managing Children with Cerebral Palsy Neurology, Paediatrics 24 info
online clubfoot course Managing Children with Clubfoot Paediatrics 16 info
Movement Dysfunction General 11 info
online neck pain course for physiotherapy and physical therapy management Neck Pain Musculoskeletal 16 info
Physical Activity (PEPA MOOC) Physical Activity 24 info
online clubfoot course Pied Bot (Version Français) Paediatrics 16 -
Respiratory Muscle Training Cardiorespiratory 5 info
shoulder assessment Shoulder Assessment Musculoskeletal 4 info
Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy Sports 16 info
stroke course for physiotherapy and physical therapy Stroke Neurology 16 info
Tendinopathy Musculoskeletal 16 info
Shoulder rehabilitation for physiotherapy and physical therapy Therapeutic Interventions for the Shoulder Musculoskeletal 5 info
Understanding Pain Pain 16 info