Accreditation, Certificates, CPD points and CEUs

At Plus we understand how important certificates, CPD points and CEUs are for maintaining professional practice registration and licensure, particularly if you get audited or asked for evidence of your learning! Depending on your country, your regulatory organisation (that’s the organisation that manages your right to practice) may require you to collect a certain number of CPD points or CEUs, or they may insist you do a certain number of hours of learning, or they may ask you to keep a professional practice portfolio. We are here to help you with this!

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We work with accrediting organisations all over the world. Every country has different requirements for continued education and professional development. We work with more regulatory authorities than any other rehabilitation education provider. These organisations ensure that our courses meet the highest international standards and that our course certificates are the most widely recognised and approved evidence of professional development in the world of rehabilitation.

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Get your own personalised certificate for every course you complete. Your certificate will include your name, the name of the course, the number of Plus points that you have been awarded (these equate to hours of learning) and the number of CPD points or CEUs that have been provided by the accrediting organisation in your state or country (if you have provided your country and licence details in your profile!).

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CPD points and CEUs

If you require CPD points or CEUs these will be printed on your certificate. Continuing professional development points or continuing education units are the number points or units that a course is given by an accrediting organisation depending on the length and level of the course. If you have entered your licence or registration details and we work with an accrediting organisation in your country your CPD points or CEUs will be included on your course certificate certificates.

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Physioplus points and hours of learning

Your Plus points are equivalent to the number of hours of learning that you have completed. Every time that you do a course, watch a video, read an article, do a quiz or comment in the forum you are collecting Plus points. One Plus point is equal to one hour of learning and the total number that you have collected is displayed on your dashboard.

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Professional practice portfolio

You can store evidence of your learning in your own personalised online professional development portfolio here on Plus. Every time you engage in learning on Plus your activity log keeps a record of this activity. So every time you watch a video, take a quiz, read an article etc this information is automatically stored so you can prove your learning activity at a later date. You can simply export your activity log between selected dates and get a print out of all your activities. This is the easiest way to evidence your learning for re-registration, re-licensure or if you are audited!

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