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Exercises & Telehealth Overview

Physioplus Exercise Prescription and Telehealth Platform is an intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription tool and video telehealth service built by physiotherapists for physiotherapists. You can choose from more than 3000 evidence based exercises created by leading experts in physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and sports rehabilitation. All the exercises are clearly illustrated with photos, lineart drawings and videos and can be adapted to the individual needs of each of your clients.

Exercise & Telehealth Platform can be used on any computer, tablet or phone. With only a few clicks you can make a full exercise plan, and print or email it straight to your client. And the best thing is that its REALLY QUICK AND EASY! To use the Exercise & Telehealth Platform…

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How to create an exercise plan?

1. Add your patient’s details.

  • Complete the required entries and save.

Add new patient

2. Add exercises.

  • Search for exercises by name, category, diagnosis or muscle.
  • View the image and video for an exercise.
  • Add the exercise to the exercise plan.
  • Reorder exercises in the plan by drag and drop
  • Optionally add a related advice sheet

Tip – If you can’t find an exercise in our directory, you can add your own custom exercise!

Add exercises to plan

3. Customize exercises.

  • Add details for the number of sets, reps and time for each exercise.
  • Even amend the exercise description.

Customize exercise descriptions, duration, repetitions and frequency

4. Share the exercise plan

  • Download, print or email the exercise plan to your patient.

Share exercise plan

How to set up a Tele Rehab session?

We recommend trying the Tele Rehab service with a colleague or family member before using this with patients.

1. Find the patient on the Exercise & Telehealth Platform

  • Click My patients
  • Search for the patient
  • Click to view patient details

2. Schedule a Tele Rehab session

  • Click the Tele Rehab button
  • Set a date an time
  • Send patient details of the session

Schedule Tele Rehab session

3. Enter the Tele Rehab session

  • Click the Tele Rehab menu link
  • Click Join meeting room button for the session you wish to join

Tips – make sure you allow your browser to access your device webcam and microphone. Have your patient telephone number on hand in case they need assistance.

Tele Rehab meetings

4. Conduct your Tele Rehab session

  • Use the video to assess your patient and demonstrate exercises
  • Share your screen and use the exercise prescription directory to show exercise photos and videos
  • Watch and provide feedback as your patient attempts exercises
  • Use the exercise planning tool to share exercise details with your patient during the session