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Mauro Banfi

Physiotherapist and Osteopath in the field of performing arts, working with singers, and instrumentalists

Mauro Banfi

Degrees in Rehabilitation Therapy, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy . Post grad degree in Osteopathy

Osteopath ad Physiotherapist

Atelier Posturale Artistico


Mauro Banfi is a Physiotherapist since 1992 and Osteopath since 2000. Mauro works as a professional Osteopath and Physiotherapist in the field of sport, acrobatic and performing arts with a particular interest in artistic voice problems, in cooperation with speech therapists, ENT specialists and conservatories of music. For well over two decades he provides sessions and courses for performers, manual therapists, osteopaths and speech therapists to improve their manual skills in the treatment of the patient artist.

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The Relationship Between Posture and Swallowing

1-1.5 hours


Presented by Mauro Banfi