Chronic Ankle Instability Risk Identification

Chronic Ankle Instability Risk Identification

How to identify and prevent chronic ankle instability after an ankle sprain


Cailbhe Doherty will share his research on chronic ankle instability, then we will have a more in depth look into the development of chronic ankle instability, sensorimotor deficits linked to chronic ankle instability, risk prediction, and ways to prevent and manage it. This course will not teach practical skills or lead to any clinical qualification.


Following an ankle sprain 70% of people struggle to return to their previous level of function. In many cases this is related to their development of a condition called chronic ankle instability. This condition has significant impact on well being with approximately 85% of people diagnosed with chronic ankle instability also developing problems in the contralateral limb.


  • Watch a video interview with Cailbhe Doherty
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