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Join Physioplus, where over 144,000 physiotherapists and physical therapists from around the world come together to learn


Free to try Physioplus for an unlimited period of time

£0 (GBP)/yr

for 7 days

All the benefits of...

Participate in 4 selected courses

7 hours of accredited online courses

Access 100+ selected learning resources (videos, articles, quizzes etc)

3 Premium Physiopedia articles / month

Join the international community


Everything you need to meet your professional development needs

£149.50 (GBP)/yr

or £19.99 (GBP)/mth

All the benefits of Trial, and:

Participate in any of 491 courses

1,513 hours of accredited online courses

Access 3000+ selected learning resources (videos, articles, quizzes etc)

All Premium Physiopedia articles

Personal learning log/portfolio

Export your activity log


Professional development plus patient services

£199.00 (GBP)/yr

or £24.99 (GBP)/mth

All the benefits of Full, and:

Digital exercise prescription

Over 3000 exercises descriptions, photos & videos

Telehealth video consultation platform


Managed access to Physioplus services for your team

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Provide Full or Pro for your team, and:

Single sign on integration options

Team management dashboard

Private area for your users

Branded Physioplus website

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Trial Full Professional
Available courses 4 491 491
Accredited completion certificates
Quizzes 72 594 594
Manual technique videos 9 123 123
Examination videos 8 412 412
Library of full access books and journals
Interactive anatomy
Searchable podcast episodes 1057 5285 5285
Global discussion forum Limited access Unlimited access Unlimited access
Activity log
Add portfolio items
Export activity log
Email newsletters
Physiopedia news
Physioplus news
Top Tips Tuesday
Service delivery
Exercise prescription 2 week trial 2 week trial
Tele Rehab 2 week trial 2 week trial

Common questions

Yes we provide discounts based on your country of residence and if you are a student in full time study. Please see the Physioplus discounts page for more details and complete an application form if you believe you are eligible.

The amount you will be charged in your own currency will depend upon the exchange rate applied by your bank or by Paypal at the time of payment. We have provided an approximate table of conversions for our subscription prices. Please use the appropriate link below for more details:

Absolutely! We have many clinics, hospitals, NGOs, universities and member organisations who have purchased Physioplus memberships on behalf of their staff, students and/or members. If your organisation is interested in partnering with Physioplus to make these benefits available to you and all your colleagues, please see our Solutions for your organisation page for more details on what is provided and how to apply.

View a list of all Physioplus partner organisations.

Used by clinics, universities and member organisations

ISCP - Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
HI - Humanity and Inclusion
APC - Australian Physiotherapy Council
NHS - National Health Service
Bond University
SASP - South African Society of Physiotherapy
St Georges University London
Dalhousie University
EPS - Emirates Physiotherapy Society
HKF - Croatian Council of Physiotherapists
ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

View a list of all Physioplus partner organisations