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Physioplus provides everything you need to develop your professional skills and also to deliver online clinical services to your clients.
online continuing education and professional development at for physiotherapy and physical therapy at Physiopedia Plus

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online courses for physiotherapy and physical therapy

Do online courses

Physioplus allows you to do courses online at any time and place that is convenient for you.  Join thousands of colleagues from all over the world to learn together, with and from each other. Receive course completion certificates with internationally recognised professional accreditation. Explore the courses
Exercise prescription with Physioplus

Prescribe exercises online

Choose from over 3000 evidence based exercises created by physiotherapists for physiotherapists. Quickly and easily create and share exercise plans for your client management. Learn more
TeleRehabilitation with Physioplus

Deliver TeleRehabilitation consultations

Easy to use and powerful TeleRehabilitation platform developed specifically for physiotherapists delivering client consultations online. Rapidly schedule a consultation, send email reminders, live video conferencing with no software installation required. All integrated with patient details and exercise plan management. More details
Online books and journal articles for physiotherapy and physical therapy

Read books and journal articles

Unable to access journal articles online or purchase the books you need? In Physioplus you can access a selection of full text books and journal online using an intelligent searchable interface. Explore the books and journals.
professional development portfolio for physiotherapy and physical therapy

Record professional development

The Physioplus online portfolio records all of your learning activities in one place. You can view your learning activities through an innovative personal dashboard, add other learning experiences and export them at any time to evidence your ongoing professional development. Set up your portfolio.
online videos and webinars with experts for physiotherapy and physical therapy

Watch videos

Want to check up on your therapeutic techniques or listen to experts sharing their knowledge and the latest research? An endless library of videos are available for you to watch at any time. View the videos.
listen to physiotherapy and physical therapy podcasts

Listen to podcasts

A comprehensive library of podcast episodes drawn from the leading podcasts relevant to the physiotherapy profession is available. Use the intelligent search feature to find podcasts relevant to you. Listen to podcasts.
physiotherapy and physical therapy international discussion forum

Talk to colleagues all over the world

Ever wondered what your profession looks like in another country? Physiotherapists from all over the world come together in Physioplus to discuss topics, ask questions and help others. Talk to international colleagues.
get physiotherapy and physical therapy CEUs and CPD points

Get certificates, CPD points and CEUs

Get your own personalised certificate for every course you complete, includes CPD points, CEUs, hours of learning and course accreditation details. Find out more.

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