Supporting professional development in low income countries

When people on opposite sides of the world have access to the same high-quality rehabilitation education, magic happens! Plus is not just about the courses – it’s about building your community, collaboration and peer support on a global scale. This opportunity to work together and gain alternative perspectives across geographical boundaries is unrivalled in the world of rehabilitation.

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For every Plus subscription purchased we give free access to a rehabilitation professional in a low income country. Your Plus subscription will help to provide equal access to rehabilitation knowledge where ever a person may be in the world.

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Your membership is vital in helping us keep Physiopedia accessible to everyone. By joining us, you support our mission to provide free and valuable rehabilitation information globally. Together, we can ensure that quality resources are available to all.

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Affordable education where ever you live

Education is a human right and where you live shouldn’t affect your ability to learn. If you live in a low or low-middle income country (or are a student anywhere) make sure you apply for your free or discounted access to Plus.

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