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Enhance your skills and knowledge with the AI assistant specifically designed for rehabilitation professionals and students

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What makes Physiopedia AI unique?


Only AI assistant exclusively designed by rehabilitation professionals for rehabilitation professionals

Quality-assured Physiopedia content

The answers come from up-to-date, evidence-based, high-quality Physiopedia content

Sources provided with answers

All answers to your questions are accompanied by the sources on which they are based

How does it work?

Watch the video to learn how to navigate the Physiopedia AI Assistant

Example ways to use the assistant

Find answers to all your questions to support your daily clinical practice or studies

1. Ask general questions

Ask general questions about rehabilitation topics and the Physiopedia AI Assistant will give you a precise answer along with sources to expand on the topic

2. Clinical decision making

The Physiopedia AI Assistant can help you find the best way to make decisions in your clinical practice or studies by providing you with evidence-based information on the topic of your choice

3. General management programme

Ask for the most up-to-date rehabilitation programmes and the Physiopedia AI Assistant will assist you in your clinical cases

4. Fact check

Clarify any doubts you may have by consulting the Physiopedia AI Assistant

5. Exercise recommendations with descriptions

Ask for recommendations and descriptions of exercises to help you manage your patient’s condition

6. Guidance on outcome measures

Prompt the Physiopedia AI assistant to choose outcome measures for your patient’s condition

7. Suggestions for conflict management

Get comprehensive support to effectively manage and resolve conflicts




8. Guidance on doing research

Get help on different topics related to healthcare research

9. Assistance in communicating with your patient

Ask for assistance in communicating effectively with your patients to build bridges and improve empathy and rapport




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