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PhysioPlus course tutor - Sierra Christensen

Dr Sierra Christensen, is a licensed pediatric physical therapist, child development/wellness expert, and telehealth specialist. Her areas of speciality include general lifespan/baby development and a wide variety of neurological, genetic, and movement disorders. She is the owner of develoPT, and strives to embrace each child’s strengths while working on their challenges. To do this, she creates unique therapy and wellness plans that are tailored to meet each child at their level. Therapy is centred around play and fun activities in order to engage children in a more natural environment. These activities are easily incorporated into daily routines, which is the best way that children can get the repetition they need to progress.

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Introduction to Telehealth and Paediatrics

In paediatric telehealth, the physiotherapist/physical therapist can reach a wide range of paediatric populations specifically those with barriers to access such as physical location, limited resources, or during social distancing. Telehealth in the pediatric population helps parents to continue therapy even if they have busy schedules, multiple children, or if their child is immunocompromised. It also allows the child to have therapy in the environment of their own home and provides an opportunity for parents to become actively involved with the therapy provision.
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