Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker

MCSP Grad Dip Phys

Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist

The Lindens Clinic, Manchester

About Wendy Walker

Wendy is a neurological physiotherapist, specialising in Facial Palsy, Peripheral Nerve Injuries and Neurology and Complex Conditions.

Wendy Walker has 38 years of experience in treating neurological and complex conditions such as facial palsy, peripheral nerve injuries, stroke, head injury, vestibular disorders, chronic pain conditions, and incontinence. She has advanced Bobath and paediatric Bobath training as well as extensive training in incontinence and sEMG Biofeedback. Wendy regularly lectures and presents courses on sEMGm, fascial palsy, neurological and vestibular rehabilitation to physiotherapists, GPs and surgeons. In 2017-2018 she was the team lead on creating 4 online Physioplus MOOC courses on Physical Activity and she is the Physiopedia topic expert on Facial Palsy.

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Facial Injuries

Trauma to the face and head can be caused by a number of events, from explosions to road traffic accidents and blunt force trauma. The impact of these events can be significant, causing bony and / or soft tissue injury, as well as nerve damage. These injuries can affect vision, speaking, non-verbal communication, hearing, sense of smell, and eating and drinking. Many patients who experience a facial injury will be managed surgically and then require post-operative rehabilitation. Physiotherapists play a significant role in the post-operative phase, using manual techniques and exercise therapy to help clients restore function in their face.
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