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Keryn Legg

Keryn is an avid horse rider and has vast experience treating horses and their riders

Keryn Legg

BSc Physio (Hons), OMT Dip, Animal Physio Dip, Sports Med Dip

Senior Physiotherapist Sports and Orthopaedics

Mount Alvernia Hospital, BMI Circle Group, Guildford, Surrey.


Keryn started her career as a physiotherapist in private practice mainly working with rugby and sports teams and her passion has always been with sports and orthopaedics. She is an active rider and competes at a high level internationally which led her profession towards treating horses and riders in the competition setting. Keryn completed her post-graduate diplomas in Sports, Orthopaedics and Animals to provide her with the best all-round expertise for treating horses and riders. She has been very fortunate to work and study under Rosanne le Jeune in South Africa and they still have a partnership practice there together. Keryn has also spent a fair amount of time working with her husband, Dr Matthew Sinovich and his colleagues, at the University of Liverpool in sports medicine and lameness cases. She currently works in the United Kingdom mainly with human patients as her riding has taken up most of her spare time.

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Anatomy and Common Injuries of the Equine Forelimb

1.5-2 hours


Presented by Keryn Legg & Animal Physiotherapy Group of South Africa

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Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment of the Equine Forelimb

1-1.5 hours


Presented by Keryn Legg & Animal Physiotherapy Group of South Africa