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Roger Kerry

Associate Professor at The University of Nottingham; Physiotherapist. Interested in the way evidence-based medicine works. Or doesn’t.

Roger Kerry

BSc(Hons) Physio, MSc (Manipulative Therapy), Postgrad Cert in Higher Ed, PhD

Associate Professor

University of Nottingham


Roger Kerry is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, UK. He is a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and an honorary Fellow of the UK’s Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. His main clinical research interests have been in adverse events and physiotherapy interventions of the head and neck, particularly on the causal nature of the interventions. Roger is also undertaking research activity in the Philosophy of Science, investigating the nature of causation in the health sciences, and this was the focus of his PhD. He is well-published in these areas and has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences.

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It is a great resource to refresh knowledge on ethical underpinnings related to informed consent. Rodger uses many case study examples to bring this topic out of the theoretical and into practice. He is a delightful and engaging speaker, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his discourse
Bronwyn Lynne Freeman
Informed Consent
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Cervical Risk Assessment

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Informed Consent

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Presented by Roger Kerry