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Wanda van Niekerk

Wanda is a physiotherapist and PhD candidate who has a special interest in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention

Wanda van Niekerk

BSc (Physiotherapy), MPhil

Physiotherapist, Learning Architect

Physiopedia Plus


Wanda is a physiotherapist with a special interest in sports injury rehabilitation and prevention. She is a learning architect at Plus and a member of the course creation team. She is also a PhD Candidate at the HPALS Research Centre at the University of Cape Town. She is passionate about providing up-to-date evidence to clinicians and making a difference in the global rehabilitation community.


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Assessing Muscle Strength

2-2.5 hours


Wanda van Niekerk & ReLAB-HS

Presented by Wanda van Niekerk & ReLAB-HS