Muscle Performance in Neck Pain

Muscle Performance in Neck Pain

Assessment and rehab of the deep and superficial neck muscles in the presence of pain


The deep and superficial muscles of the neck will be reviewed as well as how their function changes in the presence of pain. Assessment and rehabilitation strategies for the cervical flexor and extensor muscles will be discussed. This course will not lead to any clinical qualification and clinicians should only apply the mentioned management and assessment strategies if it falls within their scope of practice.


In the traditional neck pain treatment setting clinicians seem reluctant to strengthen the neck muscles even though research has shown that the deep cervical muscles become inactive due to pain in the cervical area and their activity does not return to normal automatically. Specificity when retraining neck muscles is important and the clinician should understand the changes different neck muscles undergo in the presence of pain and how to effectively assess and rehabilitate these muscles.


  • Watch a video interview with Chris Worsfold
  • Read a related physiopedia page
  • Pass a quiz