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Tendon dysfunction is one of the most common soft tissue injuries that we see in our clinics.  It's not just related to sports injuries as many un-athletic and even sedentary people can experience tendon dysfunction. It's currently a hot topic of conversation among clinicians and experts online and so we have brought all the most up-to-date information together for you in this online course. This course will explore tendinopathy to give you a deeper understanding of the anatomy, function, pathologies, assessment and treatment based on the latest evidence available.


Refresh your knowledge of tendinopathy and review the very latest evidence and practices from the leading international experts.


  • Section 1 - Normal tendon anatomy and physiology
  • Section 2 - Pathological Processes
  • Section 3 - Tendinopathy Assessment – Risk Factors, Outcome Measures, Imaging and Pain
  • Section 4 - Treating Tendinopathy

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy professionals, clinicians and students.


I have been a physiotherapist for almost four decades and am still working with high level, and recreational athletes and a cross section of injuries.I have done many courses along the way to my CPA Diploma in manual therapy, IMS etc. This tendinopathy course on Physiopedia plus was excellent. The large number of current, relevant, pre-selected research articles put together in a logical learning order with clear objectives was fantastic. You can do the entire course or choose what you wish, do it alone or be interactive. I have found it a great challenge to some concepts, stimulating with new ideas and easy to put into practice immediately.
I would thoroughly recommend the tendinopathy course. I guided me through a learning process in a way that I could fit into my busy day. Enjoyed it from start to finish and have hugely increased my knowledge and confidence in treating tendon problems.
This course is definitely worthwhile to take to help you in your clinical practice. The course presents new research that is relevant to clinical settings and helps you make sense of that research to implement it in the clinic.
For me it is a great experience! My knowledge of tendinopathy was very small. Thanks to this course I got a lot of useful and new information that will be useful in the future. Many thanks course moderators, managers and initiators!
Great team of experts in organising & providing up to date information regarding the disease of the body(PT perspective) & also referencing which enable us to extract information e.g., from systematic reviews & then its evidence based application in the treatment of patients.