Whiplash Associated Disorders and Neck Rehabilitation

Whiplash Associated Disorders and Neck Rehabilitation

Review whiplash and the related management of the cervical spine
This course was great. Hearing directly from a specialist (Chris Worsfold) about what he deems important when first evaluating and then treating a patient is invaluable. It's a short, well-structured course that I believe is helpful to both therapists and students as an introduction to neck pain, highlighting some basic key principles.
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Whiplash injury can lead to a variety of clinical manifestations called Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD). It is estimated that about 30% to 50% of patients who sustain a symptomatic whiplash injury will ultimately report chronic, and potentially more widespread symptoms. As a physiotherapist it is important to know the presentation, examination, and management of a person with WAD as well as have an understanding of red flags and general neck pain rehabilitation.


The aim of the course is to provide you with an in-depth overview of Whiplash Associated Disorders and remind you of red flags to consider as well as the principles of neck pain rehabilitation.


This course is made up of videos, reading, forum posts and a final quiz. The course content is split into the following sections:

  1. Video interview with Chris Worsfold
  2. Reading activities
  3. Quiz

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy professionals, clinicians and students.

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