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Injury and Healing in Sports Physiotherapy
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Ian Horsley
Course instructor

Lead Physiotherapist in the North West for the English Institute of Sport, and the clinical director of Back In Action Rehabilitation

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After soft tissue injury, the human body transitions through various stages of healing. Each stage overlaps as different tissues heal at different rates. Many factors affect tissue healing, including the type of tissue, the extent of the injury, the patient’s age, and overall health. This course will take you through the stages of healing. It will explore what to expect during each phase and discuss ways that physiotherapists can help prevent chronic conditions from forming.


This course aims to describe the specific phases of soft tissue healing and explore how physiotherapists can assist the healing process.


This course is made up of videos, reading, forum posts and a final quiz. The course content is split into the following sections:

  1. Video
  2. Reading activity
  3. Quiz

Target audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy clinicians, students and assistants. Other interested professionals such as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, nurses or medical doctors interested in this subject are also invited to participate.


Availability - this course is online and can be completed on your own schedule.

Hours of Learning - No deadlines are applied to this course and it can be started and completed in your own time according to your personal schedule. We expect the required elements to take around 1-1.5 hours depending on your schedule and learning style. Additionally there are many optional resources provided and if you choose to review these the course could take longer to complete.

Types of Activities - Watching videos, reading, a final quiz and participating in an international discussion forum.

Certificates - At the end of the course, when you have completed all of the required elements, you will be able to download a certificate of completion and 1.1 Plus points will be added to your personalised learning dashboard.

Requirements to complete this course

In order to complete this course and receive a course completion certificate plus CEUs/CCUs/CPD points you will need to:

  1. Respect the Plus Community Culture.
  2. Log all the required learning activities as complete (represented by the orange icons!).
  3. Actively and appropriately participate in the course discussions.
  4. Pass a final quiz with a score of 80% or more.
  5. Complete a course evaluation form.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the three stages of healing
  • explain the role of the physiotherapist during each stage of healing
  • discuss the role of mechanical loading and how it affects healing

Instructor financial and non-financial disclosures

No relevant relationships disclosed by instructor.


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Featured reviews
It was an exciting and loaded course. It embodies all I needed to know about soft tissue management.
Benedicta Omoijahe
It is a well-balanced course about the basics of soft tissue injuries. It was comprehensive without tiring, with everything I thought was necessary and everything about goals and techniques that should be covered in the class. I highly recommend it for all new physiotherapists and definitely for students. (Google Translate)
Argos Peristeropoulos
It was worth attending the course, and I appreciate the whole team's efforts to make reading enjoyable for practitioners. Video instructors are excellent at sharing unique concepts and techniques for rehab.
Benish Shahzadi
New Zealand
I highly recommend this course! Prepare to be transformed by it! The presentation of the material is top-notch, making complicated concepts easy to grasp. The interactive activities, especially ‘Exploring New Techniques’ and ‘Tackling Challenges,’ are enjoyable and enlightening. The course objectives are clear, measurable, and highly relevant, guiding you through a comprehensive learning journey—hats off to the instructors for delivering a stellar course that goes beyond theory. I highly recommend this one
houssem chahed
I have practised for many years and seen significant changes in rehab processes. This course has reinforced how I practice and given me a more considered and informed approach.
Doug Ryan
Sports Therapist
United Kingdom
The simplicity of the course outline and the clinical reasoning case studies make it fascinating to the learner.
Hillary Kip
This course is an upgrade to what I thought I knew about wound healing!
Yinka Ojebola
This course will be an excellent help for physiotherapists and other allied professionals to provide scientific-based exercises to patients after injuries.
Carlo Vincent Montenegro
If you are a therapist or an athlete yourself, this course will offer some new insights for you and a deeper physiological understanding of injury and phases of healing. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Tamar Koekemoer
Occupational Therapist
South Africa
This course is suitable for health care professionals, as they will become aware of common injuries you can find in patients. It could also help avoid these injuries.
Alexia formosa
This course is an excellent fundamental tool for new graduates looking for clinical guidelines and more senior clinicians needing a brush-up on physiological processes at work during injury.
Leanne St Clair
South Africa
It is a perfect course that covers the basics of healing. It helped me to refresh the information that I had previously learnt.
Gavin Raphael
United Kingdom
I would recommend such courses to my colleagues and juniors. These short courses help to brush up on knowledge and provide recent advancements in the field.
Rachel Mathew
United Kingdom
This course is truly exceptional. With an informative video presentation delivered by Ian Horsley, this course offers an unparalleled learning experience. Incorporating reading activities and quizzes ensures a comprehensive understanding of sports physiotherapy. Engaging and interactive, this course keeps learners actively involved and motivated throughout their educational journey.
The course was very educative, and I have learnt a lot about connective tissue and how I can improve on the management of connective tissue, considering the time it takes to heal.
Bilkisu Muhammad
Ian Horsley's presentation was very informative and organized. He summarized the basic biological, physiological, and pathological principles in detail. I also benefited from the reading section and information. The videos attached were also a significant revision for me. I enjoyed this course and hoped to experience more courses with Plus.
Mohab A. Hassan
This course changed my perspective on the mechanical loading phase. It is the best course to understand the tissues and the healing simply and effectively.
Sabina Dahal
The course concisely explained our roles as physiotherapists in tissue healing and broadened my perspective of what I learned in class.
Elvis Maxwell
Thank you very much for this TRIAL course. After that, I decided to buy the full package and continue to improve my knowledge by taking courses from Plus!
Spyridon Bouzalas
This course was a great refresher and provided me with new information. I loved how the instructor shared new thoughts on acute management, stating the updated regimes.
Abbigail Tingle
This course is a great intro to healing stages and an excellent refresher/point of reference in acronyms and video demos.
Brandy Border-Rodriguez
United States
A lovely short course that will reinforce what you already know while introducing a few new ideas. Ideal for busy therapists who do not have much time to spare. Excellent short course.
Debbie Findley-Clayton
Turks And Caicos Islands
The course is enlightening and would enable physiotherapists worldwide to implement evidence-based practice in managing soft tissue injuries. In addition, I appreciate the extensive work on integrating research-proven theories into clinical practice.
Augustine Nkeonye Monye
The Injury and Healing in Sports Physiotherapy course is fantastic! It is an excellent course for the budding clinical physiotherapist. It clearly states different stages of healing tissues, physiological processes, and more about the tissues' mechanical loading and outcomes. This course clearly shows the benefits of early loading of the injured tissue for optimal results.
Abyson Vargheese
The information shared on this topic is excellent. Though it looks simple, when implemented during practice makes a lot of difference!
I am a sports enthusiast, and this course gave me more reasons to specialise in sports physiotherapy. Keep up the excellent job, and thank you for the information.
Loveness Chama
It is a fantastic course to take to build or improve your skills and knowledge as a therapist about the healing stages of soft tissue injury.
Janet Nguti
This course is fantastic! I am so thrilled for our next Orthopedic Clinical Assessment so I could share what I have learned from this course. Thank you so much Plus by Physiopedia!
Michelle Mabel Miranda
Physical Therapist
Saudi Arabia
I think it is a great course! I will go back and read it over and over again. The course is very informative and one of the best I have ever taken.
Citadel Yayra Agbeehia
Great podcast, informative, concise, and current.Thank you, Ian Horsley!
Hayley Foster
This course gave me a better understanding of the wound-healing process and the essential roles of physiotherapy for optimal wound healing. I will recommend this course to any physiotherapist out there!
Victor Uwakwe
This course was a good refresher of my existing knowledge and an eye opener on acute phase injury management using the POLICE principle!
Malemeza Mphamba
This is a great short course which gives insight into topics that are central to my work as a Structural Integrator in the Rolf tradition.
Michael Stanborough
Massage Therapist
This course is a fantastic review of the physiological processes of healing and the latest research regarding graded loading in rehabilitation to optimise tissue healing and prevent re-injury.
Anna Cherry
New Zealand
This course delves deeply into the latest research and practices, making it fantastic! You can get a pool of knowledge from there, and it also clearly explains how important it is to manage and select goals according to patient-oriented outcomes. It was a fantastic course for someone who wants to get a taste of the latest evidence-based approaches and mechanisms behind injuries.
Saba Nawaz
This course has excellent educational content and many videos. It is beneficial for students studying physiotherapy.
Sayali Mandke
An excellent course for those who would like to learn more about some of the sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation approaches for patients with sports-related injuries!
Maksym Levus