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Physiopedia the ultimate physiotherapy / physical therapy reference in your pocket…

The ultimate reference tool for physiotherapists and physical therapists! The Physiopedia app brings all the knowledge from the largest and most popular physiotherapy related website and puts it in your pocket ready to support your clinical practice!

This Physiopedia app provides a simple interface that allows easy discovery and viewing of all Physiopedia articles. Optionally upgrade to the premium access level with the low cost monthly subscription to add unlimited articles to your own personal list of favorites within the app. These bookmarked articles are then just one tap away and are also downloaded for offline viewing. Ideal for the busy clinical environment where time is short and Internet access cannot be guaranteed.

Try the Physiopedia app and become a digitally enhanced physical therapy practitioner!

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Free and premium access options available


No payments required

Free access to Physiopedia at your fingertips.

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$0.99 USD Monthly subscription

Offline access to Physiopedia articles.

  • UNLIMITED search
  • UNLIMITED online viewing
  • UNLIMITED favorites
  • UNLIMITED OFFLINE access to favorites
  • UNLIMITED OFFLINE access to favorites
  • NO promotional content

Physiopedia App on an iphone

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