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Jacquie Kieck

Jacquie is a physiotherapist who has a deeply rooted passion for making evidence-based knowledge accessible to all

Jacquie Kieck

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Media Manager

Physiopedia Plus


Jacquie Kieck completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of the Free State, South Africa, in 2005. She is currently the Media Manager at Physiopedia Plus, where, together with the Education Director, she manages the mentorship programme for Plus Instructors and coordinates the development of media (videos, transcripts, and promotional material) for courses on the Plus e-learning platform. Jacquie is also a clinical physiotherapist. She works as a senior physiotherapist for an NGO Community trust in New Zealand. Her role as the Media Manager with Plus allows her to contribute to the global rehabilitation community by facilitating the production of high-quality instructional videos for Plus.


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The course is fantastic! I love how Jacquie provides us with some new information in the simplest way. I will take a lot of unique considerations tomorrow to work.
Mones Abu Obuid Allah
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Introduction to Rehabilitation Interventions

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